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Plastics have become an indispensable part of our lives. Right from the moment, we get up from our bed till we sleep at night, we are profoundly dependent on plastics for our daily chores. And one such brand that has transformed the Indian plastic industry and made our lives easier is ‘Ankur.’

Jagdamba Polymers Private Limited manufactures a trusted name in the plastic industry, the ‘Ankur’ plasticware products. Established in 1998 by Chandra Prakash Bhartia, Jagdamba Polymers has been delivering uncompromisingly high-quality plasticware products to consumers worldwide.

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Mr. C.P.Bharatia
Jagdamba Polymers pvt Ltd

Under the leadership of Bhartia, Jagdamba Polymers has become one of the most revered manufacturers and suppliers of plastic products that includes buckets, chairs, bathtubs, baskets, dustbins, tables, and other plastic virgin items. Ankur has always lived up to its tagline, i.e., Odisha Re Nirmita, Ghare Ghare Parichita (Born In Odisha But Popular In Every Household).

Coming from ordinary backgrounds, Bhartia was much inspired by his father to become an entrepreneur. As a child, whenever his class teacher asked about his ambitions, he would often say that he wanted to become an industrialist and serve others. He was never in favor of a quintessential 10-to-5 job.

After completing graduation in 1981, Bhartia followed his dreams and set up an engineering unit at Rajgangpur, a small industrial town situated in Sundargarh district, at the age of 21. “Back then, there were not many industrial units. With minimal funds and manpower, initially, it was indeed a struggling phase. We started off with only two employees and provided machinery parts to few industrial establishments then,” he recollects.

After five years, Bhartia shifted base to Balasore and started a plastic injection molding plant, which was the biggest in eastern India. The unit singlehandedly provided television cabinets to a homegrown television manufacturing company until it finally collapsed in 1998. Following that, Bhartia’s unit was also permanently shut down. But instead of getting down to closure, Bhartia took positivity from his experience and discovered that the plastic industry was a largely untapped one. He saw that as an opportunity and founded Jagdamba Polymers Private Limited in 1998. And the rest, they say, is history.  

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The Thrust Enterprise-Ankur Plastics

Today, Jagdamba Polymers offer more than 300 plastic household products and plastic molded furniture of the highest quality available in a wide range of sizes, designs, and colors under the brand name ‘Ankur,’ besides PET Preforms and industrial & non-industrial custom molded products. Ankur plastic products have extensively found multiple applications in homes, colleges, schools, offices, corporate houses, hotels, restaurants, and various other places. They are readily available in all major retail, industrial, and hardware stores throughout the state.

All the products are manufactured from the highest quality virgin material under the supervision of experts and professionals. Latest technology and equipment are used to design, develop, and test every product before they are readily available for the esteemed consumers. “Our products have surged ahead into the market based on their superior quality and durability. This would not have been possible without the hard work of our team and trust of the consumers. Their acceptance and faith in us has solely driven us to introduce new and innovative products in the market,” said Bhartia, the recipient of many prestigious awards including the ‘National Award for Excellence in Lean Manufacturing Techniques,’ ‘National Energy Conservation Award,’ ‘State Energy Conservation Award’ and ‘Brand of Odisha & Pride of Odisha Award’ among others. Outside of Odisha, the brand Ankur has found massive acceptance in states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, etc.

The Thrust Enterprise-Ankur Plastics

A few years ago, the products were also exported to other countries. Due to the ever-growing local demand for Ankur products, Bhartiya and his team have stopped exporting their products and are currently fully committed to cater to the consumer demands across the country’s length and breadth. Most importantly, the technologically advanced manufacturing plant at Balasore enables them to deliver optimized production of unmatched caliber.

Though COVID-19 shook the country’s backbone and affected the businesses and startups alike, Bhartia and his team bravely faced the lockdown period and set an example for society. The company manufactured over 3 lac units of household plastic products like buckets, dustbins, chairs, etc., and provided them to various quarantine centers & covid hospitals set up by the government in different parts of the state. “Nobody expected that the pandemic would hit us so hard. Initially our factory operations were stalled due to the pandemic. But instead of getting perturbed, we started from the scratch and bravely faced the new normal. The employees too were motivated to stay strong and be ready for challenges ahead,” he said, adding that the company distributed dry ration and other necessary items to the homeless, needy, orphanages, nursing homes, etc., during the lockdown phase.

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The Thrust Enterprise-Ankur Plastics

Bhartia takes a keen interest in philanthropic activities as well. Associated with the state’s numerous social organizations, he finds pleasure in serving the needy and downtrodden and bringing a smile to their faces. Besides, Bhartia serves as one of the directors of NOCCI Business Park, Baleswar, and is a frontrunner in mentoring young entrepreneurs and advocating startup and entrepreneurship policies to the government.

Bhartia, who carries over three decades of experience and expertise under his belt, has a piece of advice for the aspiring entrepreneurs of the state. “As an entrepreneur, you are bound to face challenges at each and every stage of life. Come what may, you need to stay strong, stay focused on your goal and have faith in yourself. Success is not the destination, it’s a journey. So enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship and set an example for others,” he said.

Among his many ambitious plans, Bhartia is mulling to transform his company into a national brand clocking an annual turnover of Rs 500-crore by 2025. “In the next 5 years, we plan to see ourselves in every Indian state. Bringing advanced technologies and upgrading our products will be our main focus. We will be soon coming up with a state-of-the-art product development center in Bhubaneswar,” he said before concluding.

Indeed, Bhartia’s vision and passion for his work, followed by Ankur’s remarkable journey to the top, motivate aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, and create a benchmark for others. A homegrown company making waves nationally is no mean feat. Bhartia had already laid the foundation of ‘Make in Odisha’ three decades ago, a concept that is the buzzword now. May Ankur continue to shine in the firmament of the plastic industry in the years to come!

Written By: Subhojit Panda

Image: InterviewTimes

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