” The Versatile Actor: Manoj Mishra”



Actor Manoj Mishra, an established actor in the filmy world hailing from Sambalpur, Odisha, has left an indelible mark in silver screen. Known for his exceptional acting skills, he has portrayed memorable characters in a range of films, including notable roles in “Drishyam,” “Raavan,” and “Mission Kashmir.” In contrast. Audiiances started seeing the late legendry Actor Bijaya Mohany in his acting thats truly a huge admiration to the actor of mind Game running in cinema stupendously. Let’s find out the excerpt!!


1. What motivated you to do the role of Ruturaj in the film Mind Game?

In Patnagarh, Odisha, a tragic incident unfolded when a recently wedded couple opened a package that resulted in a devastating explosion, claiming the lives of both individuals and leaving their families in mourning. This incident sent shockwaves across India, particularly among the people of Odisha. In response to this tragic event, the Producer Sridhar Marrtha announced plans to create a film centered around it. This incident serves as a stark reminder that criminals are not necessarily unintelligent; in fact, they can be highly intelligent individuals. Intelligence can be channeled towards both destructive and productive  purposes. The intention behind making this movie is to convey this message to the people.


2.  Mind game is known for its story line. What was your reaction after reading the scripts?

I was actively involved with the movie production team during the scriptwriting process. The producer had personally informed me that we were going to create a film based on the Patnagarh incident. It fell upon me to select a director capable of doing justice to the story. We chose Mr.Rajesh Kachiriwal, a highly acclaimed filmmaker from Kerala who has received numerous prestigious awards, including National Awards. Upon acquainting himself with the narrative, Mr. Rajesh Kachiriwal delved deep into the details by researching news articles and viewing various video clips. He meticulously crafted the screenplay and storyline based on this extensive research. From the very beginning, I have closely observed the thematic development and progression of this project. This journey has allowed me to have an in-depth understanding of the entire process.


3.  Can you share a memorable story or an amusing anecdote from your time in the film Mind Game that stands out to you?

A significant moment for me was when Actor Atul Kulkarni arrived for the shoot but decided to leave and expressed his reluctance to continue working on the project. This news was met with astonishment from our team, including Rajesh Kachiriwal and other actors, especially since we had already invested a substantial amount in the production. Atul’s departure was rooted in the fact that we had not initially informed him about the movie’s release in Telugu as well. He needed time to comprehend this change and prepare accordingly. As a National Award-winning actor, Atul is highly conscious of his reputation, and any role he takes on requires careful consideration. He contacted me and requested assistance in finding someone who could help him understand and perform in Telugu.


4.  What were the challenges you faced while playing the role of Ruturaj?

Ruturaj’s character presents a unique challenge. He remains largely silent, concealing his thoughts within the confines of his mind. This inner world is inscrutable to anyone around him. To truly understand his character, one must watch the movie.Portraying such a role requires a deep, mental engagement. It becomes a profound challenge. To succeed in acting a part like this, one must approach it with a profound spiritual connection. Without this spiritual connection, it becomes exceedingly difficult to bring the character to life.


5.  What according to you should the audience learn from the movie Mind Game?

“The Mind Game” movie imparts a crucial lesson: the actions portrayed in the film should never be emulated. It serves as a stark reminder that engaging in such activities can lead to personal and familial destruction. It underscores the idea that no one should hastily label someone as a criminal without a thorough investigation. A criminal offense should only be attributed to an individual after a rigorous inquiry and proper investigation, ensuring that no innocent person is unjustly accused.


6. What message would you like to give to the budding artists?

Becoming an actor is fraught with challenges, with numerous career paths like medicine, engineering, or becoming an IAS officer to choose from. True excellence in acting is reserved for those genuinely passionate about the craft. Relying solely on physical appearance won’t make one a proficient actor. Acting is a cerebral pursuit, demanding a profound understanding of psychology, the ability to embody diverse characters, and authentically convey emotions. It’s a continuous exploration of the human psyche and human experience. Aspiring actors must remember that it’s a “mind game.” Dedication, not just looks, defines exceptional actors.

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