Donald Trump accepts defeat, Mike Pence announces Biden as next president


Donald Trump has finally admitted his defeat after intense violence and controversy. All of Trump’s demands have come to naught after the U.S. Congress or Congress formally sealed the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the presidential election today. He will be sworn in as president on the 20th of this month as the U.S. Congress assures Biden of his victory. Along with him, Vice President Kamala Harris will also take the oath of office and secrecy.

The U.S. House of Representatives convened today. In it, Vice President Mike Pence counted how many electoral votes fell in favor of Biden. During the count, Biden announced that he had 370 electoral votes. Trump also won 232 electoral votes.

Violence erupted in the Capitol Building (Parliament) premises while the Senate was sitting today. The situation became unmanageable as Trump supporters stormed the House of Commons. A state of emergency has been declared in Washington, D.C., in which four people were killed.

Trump, on the other hand, has acknowledged his defeat by sealing Biden’s victory. He said he would leave the White House in a coordinated manner and hand over power. “I do not agree with the outcome of the election,” he said. However, everything will be handed over to Biden on January 20.

Notably, around midnight before both Senate seats passed, Trump supporters tried to break through the barricades near the Capitol Building (Parliament). The protesters held American flags and placards in their hands.

The White House media secretary tweeted that the National Guard and other central defense teams were deployed at the behest of President Donald Trump.

The president appealed for peace. The mayor of Washington DC has declared a state of emergency and will remain in force until the new president takes office, he said.

Image Source : CNN

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