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Twitter To Launch New Verification Policy For Blue Badge


A new verification policy will be executed of Twitter India from 20th January where the company will exclude the verified badge from inactive and inadequate accounts automatically.

As per the official statements, the new policy will permit the company to automatically remove the verified badge from those accounts which are found to be severe or repeated violation of its rules. Twitter India in a blog post mentioned that the company would continue to evaluate accounts which violate the rules on a case by case basis. In 2021 there will be improvements in the relationship between enforcement of our rules and verification.

Three years ago, Twitter paused its public verification process (Blue Badge). Last month announced to re-launch verification which includes a new general application process in 2021.

The official blog further stated – “If your account is at risk of losing its verified badge, you’ll receive an automated email and an in-app notification informing you of what changes need to avoid automatic removal of your blue verified badge. As long as you make those changes before January 20, 2021, your account will not lose its badge”.

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Twitter said it is not intending to automatically eliminate the verified badge from inactive accounts of people who are no longer living and are working on building a way to memorialize these accounts in 2021.

Twitter then asked the public to give feedback on the draft of the new verification policy, which lasted for two weeks and received more than 22,000 survey response. Twitter further explained by tweeting –  “We heard feedback that measuring the minimum follower count requirement on a per-country basis wasn’t always the right approach, so we’ve updated this to be on a per-region basis to make our follower count requirements less susceptible to spam and more equitable across geographies.”

Among the feedbacks, many people have suggested adding categories for verification including academics, scientists and religious leaders to which the company responded that it would add categories to policy sometime next year.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

Image Source: Google

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