UK Prime Minister Re-Imposes Lockdown Due To New Covid-19 Variant


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson reapplied the lockdown in England. Due to a more transmissible variant of Covid-19 fuels, a surge in infections, and hospitalizations, the PM took the decision.

According to BBC reports, Johnson addressed the nation and informed that he Johnson reimposed measures seen during the first lockdown last spring, including closures of secondary and primary schools to all except the children of critical workers and vulnerable children. He added that this means it will not be possible or fair for all exams to go ahead this summer as standard and alternative arrangements are being put in place.

He said, “It is clear that we need to do more to bring this new alternative under control. That means the government is once again instructing you to stay at home.”

The reports further state that people will be permitted to leave their homes for restricted reasons like shopping for essentials, exercise, and medical aid.  International departures are now limited to those who have a legally permitted reason, such as office work or emergency work.

Outdoor sports venues will have to close. Nurseries will not be shuttered, and places of worship will remain open on the basis that attendees adhere to social distancing rules.

The lockdown is anticipated to be followed at least through the middle of February.

The UK recorded new daily Covid-19 cases soared above 50,000 patients for nearly a week, and hospitalizations exceed April’s peak.

UK Chief Medical Officers said, “Many parts of the four nations’ health systems are already under immense pressure. There are currently very high community transmission rates, with substantial numbers of COVID patients in hospitals and intensive care.”

News Source – BBC

Image Source – Google

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