US Citizens can now carry gun without license

by Subhechcha Ganguly

In contrast to 2010, when only Alaska and Vermont permitted “permitless carry,” more than half of the US’s 50 states now do so as of the beginning of the new year. Alabama has recently joined the list of states that don’t require a permit for people to carry concealed weapons. Gun rights supporters applaud the rising movement’s rapid success in state legislatures while reformers worry that the changes would result in more firearms on the streets and most certainly more carnage.

States often grant concealed carry licences to its citizens after running a background check, which weeds out people with criminal records, and requiring a certain amount of training.However, in the subsequent 13 years, over 24 states have enacted laws of a similar nature, 11 of which have been approved in the previous three years, according to Roque Planas of The Huffington Post on Sunday.In a recent research, the left-leaning Center for American Progress found that states with laxer gun restrictions had greater rates of homicide. Numerous Republicans across the nation have found it to be politically popular. According to a New York Times investigation, Republican midterm candidates featured firearms in over 100 television ads last year as talking points or “visual themes.”

Most permit systems demand that applicants show safe gun handling, as well as awareness of frequently convoluted gun regulations and the use of deadly force.According to Nick Wilson, a researcher at the Center for American Progress who studies gun violence, “we’ve seen a really coordinated push by the corporate gun lobby, especially the NRA, over the past decade.” For the pro-gun lobby, it has been a tremendously successful campaign. It boosts their revenue… But everyone concerned about public safety finds it to be extremely alarming.

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