Saurabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal: Denying Allegations, Affirming Innocence in Mahadev Book Betting Scandal


New Delhi, November 06, 2023 – In response to the recent allegations surrounding the Mahadev Book betting application, Mr. Saurabh Chandrakar and Mr. Ravi Uppal categorically deny any involvement in the purported betting racket. They assert their innocence, firmly refuting any connection with the Mahadev App or its alleged financial activities.
In light of Mr. Soni’s statement as circulated in the media news claiming that he paid 508 Crores to Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, it is essential to clarify that the media has incorrectly portrayed Mr. Chandrakar and Mr. Uppal as the individuals responsible for this payment. Both Mr. Chandrakar and Mr. Uppal vehemently deny any involvement in such transactions, emphasizing that these allegations are entirely baseless and lack credible evidence. The claims made by Mr. Soni do not establish any connection between these individuals and the alleged payment, further underscoring the need for a fair and unbiased investigation to uncover the truth in this matter.
Contrary to the accusations, Mr. Chandrakar and Mr. Uppal were the first to identify Mr. Shubham Soni as the central figure behind the Mahadev Book betting application. They openly shared this information, detailing Mr. Soni’s association with ‘Mahadevbook Markets Limited.’ Regrettably, their disclosure did not prompt any action or investigation. Both individuals strongly assert that they have been unfairly made scapegoats in this case due to their growing presence in the UAE real estate market. The allegations against them have been distorted to portray them as the founders or promoters of illegal betting apps, a claim devoid of factual support.
A leaked video featuring Mr. Shubham Soni himself confirms his ownership of the company and reveals certain manipulations in media coverage. He candidly admitted that decisions regarding media exposure were controlled to safeguard certain individuals, including the Chief Minister. Despite this revelation, the names of Mr. Chandrakar and Mr. Uppal were unjustly implicated in the case. Both individuals are actively involved in building and nurturing “Empire One,” a flourishing enterprise in the global real estate landscape.
It is essential to highlight that both individuals are fully cooperating with the Enforcement Directorate (ED), providing all necessary information and documents as requested, demonstrating their commitment to assisting the investigative process. They firmly request the media and the public not to label them as absconders, as they are actively participating in the legal proceedings.
Mr. Chandrakar and Mr. Uppal appeal to the media, news agencies, and political parties to refrain from categorizing them as the “Founders/Promoters/Masterminds/Kingpins” of the Mahadev Book App or any related illegal betting app, unless concrete and substantiated evidence is presented. They express their confidence in the legal system’s ability to uncover the truth and affirm their ongoing cooperation throughout this process.


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