Skies turn green in US


Tuesday, a strong storm that was moving across the US state of South Dakota caused a unique phenomena that caused the sky to become an unsettling hue of green. South Dakota saw significant rainfall, hail, and wind reports earlier this week as a result of storms that swept across the state. The inhabitants were astounded by the unusual aspect of the bad weather, which was a menacing green sky.The sky was, in fact, green. And not a bright green, the kind of green that resembles the sky before aliens show up in a Jerry Bruckheimer film. Alternatively, before the Wicked Witch of the West attacks Dorothy as well as her little dog.Images of the blue sky that were also recorded by traffic cameras operated by the South Dakota Department of Transportation were widely shared on social media. According to Mr. Rogers, unusual hues might occasionally appear before or during a storm depending on how sunlight interacts and scatters among various particles in the environment. During a storm, it is not unusual for the sky to become purple or even go fully black during the day.

By Subhechcha Ganguly

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