Web Satsang: Devotees Attend e-satsang All Over The Globe


From 3rd May’2020, post lock down was announced Sanjeeb Kumar Nayak, Saha Prati Ritwik, Satsang initiated virtual gathering (eSatsang) formally and widely known as Team BCC, for well being of mankind.

This eSatsang started with a team of Satsangees from Bayalishmouza, Chandol & Cuttack and later many social worker, educationist, social influencer from corporates, philosopher and their families, join globally on virtual meet app and YouTube regularly.

Today with the help and well intent of participants & attendees, Team BCC could able to continue and contribute this gathering with a remarkable count of 800 days. We were fortunate enough to have Dr. Binayak Mahapatra, Prati Rirwik & Asst. Secretary, Satsang, Deoghar who graced the 800th day of eSatsang with his most valuable words of spiritualism, kindness & experience.

Dr. Mahapatra has said to the attendees & society as quoted.

We should slowly start leading our next normal lives, look after the Satsang Mandir and kendras. DP works programme is being driven under the guidance & blessings of Sri Sri Acharyadev (initiated by Pujyapada Sri Sri Dada) where many volunteers across the country are attending and getting trained.

They should further go back to their respective regions to share & train other guru bhai & maa’s for reviving the normal life and make the shift to sustainable & inclusive growth. This association should create a vive of growth & positive impact on the society for initiations.

All Satsangees should give their best to be part of this program and do their bit proactively to help others and our next generation to explore the new era of life & growth by doing Jajan-Jajan-Ishtabhriti”.

Devotees Sri Rajesh Chandra Acharya, Er Amar Kumar Naik,Srinibas Achary organised the today’s Satsang.Eminent Singers like Sri Saroj Mohanty, Smt Samyashree Chatterjee,Dr Jaya Prakash Dash,Smt Nivedita Sahoo, Sri Maheswar Nayak offered Bhajans in the lotus feet of Sri Sri Thakur and Sri Pramod Chandra Pradhan & family offered one Energetic Kirtan followed by concluding remarks Sri Krupanidhi Biswal,SPR.

Sri Mohan Charan Biswal offered Dhwani and the Web Satsang was concluded.

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