What Lawrence Bishnoi said in the ‘prison interview,’ according to Salman Khan to Sidhu Moosewala


In his famous interview, Lawrence Bishnoi stated that he has no remorse about being a mobster and that it must have been God’s will. He claimed to have heard about Sidhu Mooswala’s murder from a friend in Canada who had called. While the prisons department released a statement stating that the interview is not from Bathinda Jail, where Lawrence Bishnoi is currently incarcerated, it has brought major concerns about the Punjab police.On Tuesday, the interview was featured in a special episode of “Operation Durdant” on ABP News. “The Police Administration in Punjab is under severe scrutiny as a result of Lawrence Bishnoi’s interview. There have been gang conflicts reported recently in Punjabi prisons. Gangsters are enjoying fun in the jail in Punjab while the parents of #SidhuMoosewala are marching for justice “Manjinder Singh Sirsa of the BJP remarked.The mobster asserted that Lawrence Bishnoi is neither a terrorist nor a murderer who does it for gain. According to Bishnoi, Sidhu Moosewala’s father is using the situation for political gain. According to Bishnoi, Sidhu Moosewala’s death is not the first or the last one. Bishnoi remarked, “They created such a fuss about Sidhu Moosewala’s death as if no one had ever died before him.” He added that he had no regrets about being a gangster since he believes it was God’s will.

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