Will AI replaces lawyers in the court ?

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Through a straightforward smartphone software called DoNotPay, an AI bot will supposedly represent a human in court for the first time ever. Users can subscribe to this programme for just $36.In February, an artificial intelligence bot using the DoNotPay app will break new ground by giving the defendant its first real-time advice during a court hearing using an earpiece, informing the defendant what to say and fight in the court.The court’s address or the identity of the defendant are being withheld by the robot lawyer’s creators. DoNotPay is an AI bot created to assist people in contesting parking tickets and other small legal matters.

DoNotPay was primarily created to assist people in London who wanted to challenge parking penalties. The AI bot has successfully assisted people in contesting over 16 million tickets in cities all around the world since its introduction in 2015. Since then, it has evolved to address a wide range of legal challenges. The company, which started out as a chatbot, switched to AI in 2020 after seeing pandemic success. The company then quickly spread throughout the UK and the US.

The app’s services are accessible for just $36, avoiding the exorbitant legal fees that attorneys typically demand. To utilise the DoNotPay service, you can enter some basic details regarding the problem you wish to solve. Artificial intelligence will be used to process this data and create a legal document just for you. The programme is also finding users in the legal profession. Sally Hobson, a lawyer with a London-based law company, recently used artificial intelligence in a difficult murder trial. The instance needed the study of more than 10,000 papers, which the AI was able to execute four weeks more quickly than a human team, saving the client over £50,000 in costs.

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