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Wings of Fire

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Jiban Jyoti Barik, CEO, Meera Creation

He(Wings of Fire) started the Mirambika brand- Meera representing bhakti or devotion and Ambika connoting Durga, therefore aspiration. Jiban always looked up to Odisha as a land of immense opportunities. Despite having Jagannath as the presiding deity and endowed with a repository of mineral wealth, Odisha has languished in poverty.

The poor, dispossessed and disenfranchised outnumbered the people with basic amenities. Jiban(Wings of Fire) saw this scenario as a challenge to empower people socially and economically.

And, he profoundly believed that women’s empowerment is the passport to Odisha’s socio-economic development.

Mirambika supports women Self Help Groups (SHGs) and empowers them with skills to make handmade and eco-friendly products.

Mirambika has a noted contribution in making a cottage industry of Odisha known and popular in the global forum.

The objective of a green environment, which has become a success story, has made the state earn recognition in the world. The founder has won many laurels for the same.

In event of this, the micro, small, medium skill segment and the awards won by the individual in the 50th youth festival are proof to this. The State Government’s women and child department are the two of the keynote achievement holders.

Apart from that Mr. Barik(Wings of Fire) has also won recognition and respect by working upon the developmental aspect of society and economics.

The contribution rendered by the individual in making the state societally healthy and economically prosperous is really praiseworthy.

The endeavor to make women self-reliant, instilling the sense of optimism, rural developmental programs by women members are milestones to the success story.

The genesis of a unique village has happened in the last few years. Here self-reliant, strong societal development and noteworthy quality of life have come up. The process which started in Nuapada has now grown and expanded overseas.

A revolution has taken place in the packaging industry. Mirambika has rendered a new direction to the cottage industry segment. Along with the above, the output produced by natural resources has taken a leading place.

A Surviving form of art which is the result of modernization has given identity and recognition to the artist. The gamut of products includes naturally processed mosquito repellent, pure honey, rose water, aloe vera, Patta saree, ornaments, fashion apparel for women, incense sticks, etc.

With an aim towards a greener earth, many measures have been undertaken to boost up the market for the same.

Production of carrying bags is another measure to realize the same. It has proven itself a good substitute for plastic bags. The heavy sale in the Mirambika counter at Baliyatra is indicative of the same.

The aim and objective of the young entrepreneurs to make the home state known is a partially realized dream now. The effort put in by the youth of earliest is in sense in spirit worth imbibing. Self-reliant, strong, prosperous is what this team aims towards.

The pledge of Jiban Jyoti(Wings of Fire) and your cooperation will make it a success as wished.


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