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Years have passed, but the tears are still in the eyes, 21 years of 1999 devastation


1999 devastation, Odisha super cyclone, who will forget that terrible chapter of destruction! The super cyclone was showing it’s explosive power. It’s been 21 years today.  Many families were devastated, and their homes were reduced to rubble. They have lost everything. Time could not heal them as the nightmares of that day are still haunting them.

 The epicentre was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor; however; no tsunami alert was issued.  Many coastal districts were affected.  Twenty-one years have passed since that day,  but the picture has not changed.  To this day, those who witnessed the cyclone that day could not erase the heartbreaking sight from their minds.  People are aware of this, but the situation is still tense.

 It’s been 21 years since the super cyclone had destroyed the heart of India. Many lives were lost in the hurricane.  The epicentre was reported below the Jagatsinghpur district, so it was the worst victim. More than 10,000 people were killed.  The whole thing is still fresh in the minds of those who took part in the haunting scenes of that day.  Years have passed since then.  Ersama’s appearance has changed dramatically.  However, people could not forget the scenes of catastrophe.  The people of Ersama are in tears as they remember the day. Some had lost their fathers where some had lost their entire family.  However, many villages have not yet reached the stage of development.

 More than 200 people were killed in the villages of Digiri and Sahanga in the Ersama block.  But now these people are going through a lot of problems.  People are flocking to fetch water every day from 5 km away due to the saltwater coming out of the tube wells sitting inside the village.  When it rains, communication to the village is cut off.  There is no wind shelter near the village, so people are scared when it comes. Not only Jagatsinghpur, but the entire state was also affected by it.  Days have passed, but grief has not subsided.

Written by : Akankshya Mahapatra

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