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16 Senior VC Applicants For 6 Odisha Universities Made To Take Down Written Test At Raj Bhawan


For the vice-chancellors of the six universities in Odisha, the 16 senior VC shortlisted senior professors took a written test at the Raj Bhawan.

The decision to take a written test by the professors seems to have offended them, and they termed this as a humiliation. Not only was taking the test was worst, but according to the professors who attempted the test said even the questions don’t make any sense. According to the candidates, the questions were ridiculous and irrelevant-

1. The universe is built on…

2. The role of the university to build the universe?

3. You have work experience. The style of working? The spirit of working?

4. If God appears before you and asks for a boon, what will you like to ask for?

The shortlisted professors were invited to Raj Bhawan for interaction with the Governor before the final selection. But according to the sources, governor Ganeshi Lal didn’t meet them as on Sunday night, his wife Sushila Devi passed away. And then Governor’s secretary Pramod Kumar Meherda informed all the professors that they will now have to take a written test.

After which, all the senior professors were given four questions and were directed to write the answers in 45 minutes. And three officials were present in the room, watching them for any talks. The results were declared in the evening.

The absurd thing was the briefing, which was not done by the chancellor instead of the secretary, who did not go well with the academic professor or the other professors. This is not the first time such an incident occurred; two years ago in Berhampur University, one such test was held to select for VC, but the chancellor interacted with the candidates. The chancellor should have interacted with the candidates, briefing them about the details of this test.

The six Universities are – Utkal University, North Odisha University, Fakir Mohan University, Rama Devi Women’s University, Khalikot University, and Gangadhar Meher University. The selection of the VCs was made by the six search panels, which had recommended 16 names.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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