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19 Poor Medical Applicant Crack NEET Exam

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Odisha based charitable group recently achieved exceptional success with 19 students cracked the medical entrance examination NEET. ‘Zindagi’ program, which is run by a non-governmental organization of academician Ajay Bahadur Singh who also suffered a lot like hunger and inadequacy of money in his childhood, is now helping others achieve their dreams.

These children are daily laborer, truck driver, vegetable seller, and fisherman. Under this program, these talented deprived students are selected from across Odisha. They are provided with free coaching for the NEET examination so that they can become a doctor. Along with education, they are also provided with regular meals. Ajay Bahadur Singh stated that neither the poverty nor COVID pandemic could hamper these underprivileged students’ dedication to achieve their goals. They dreamt of becoming a doctor, and with their hard work and dedication, now they can clear the NEET examination. This year the Zindagi Foundation students also created history where 19 out of 19 students qualified the NEET 2020.

Zindagi Foundation hosted by the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and did a state-wide screening test where the talented students from the poor financial background are getting selected. After the selection, they are provided with free food, lodging, and coaching, helping them become doctors. Twelve out of a batch of 14 who had cracked NEET in 2018 got admission in government medical colleges of Odisha.

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Ajay Bahadur Singh shared his story where he dreamt of becoming a doctor, but he wasn’t able to study because of the financial problem. “I could not become a doctor but when I see these kids achieve their dreams, I feel I have achieved mine. I would never accept that any brilliant child is not able to achieve his or her dream just because of financial constraints. I will keep going on, to ensure that none of the kids miss their dreams due to lack of resources,” he said.

He was also impressed by the noble initiative in Super 30 founder mathematician Anand Kumar. He got many tips from the real-life incident of Super 30 for building up his own Zindagi Foundation for inspiring the poor talented student of becoming a doctor.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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