State drug controller slams centre for Remdesivir shortage


There is a shortage of remdesivir in the state. The central government itself is distributing it. However, the state did not receive as much as it needed. From April 21 to 30, the center is asking us to pay 21,000 vials. Yesterday we needed 2,000, but got only 92. This was stated by Annada Shankar Das, Controller of Drugs.

“We are also vaccinating private hospitals,” he said. There is a provision to donate to government hospitals. Private medicine stores can’t keep it. “There is no shortage of Fabiflu in the state,” he said. It can be found in private medicine stores. However, it will be available at identified stores. The state has identified 1,120 fabiflu stores. Similarly, 90 shops have been identified in Bhubaneswar, Annada said.

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