India has approved Russian single shot vaccine S-PUTNIK V Lite for emergency use


India has approved Russia’s single-dose vaccine S-putnik V Lite amid the Covid 19 crisis and the vaccine problem. DCGI has allowed it to be used in emergencies. In the process, the corona vaccination campaign can now be intensified.

Russia conducted a human test of the S-putnik V light last January. S-putnik V Light is the fourth Russian-made vaccine to be approved in the country.

The S-putnik V Light Vaccine has the ability to withstand all kinds of new variants. This was reported by RDIF. “In a country where there is a high incidence of COVID 19 cases, it can be very helpful in emergencies,” it said. The biggest thing is that the S-putnik V light is the only dose. Like other vaccines, it does not need to be taken in two doses.

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