Corona’s second indigenous vaccine to be available in India by August: Government orders 30 crore doses


Corona’s second indigenous vaccine will be available in India from August. The Union Ministry of Health has decided to buy 30 crore doses of the vaccine, produced by Hyderabad company Biological-E. The company has been paid Rs 1,500 crore in advance. The company will provide 300 million doses of the vaccine between August and December. In this way, an additional 6 crore additional vaccines will be available every month from August.

A statement from the Union Ministry of Health said that the Biological-E Covid-19 vaccine is currently undergoing third phase clinical trials. The first and second clinical trials yielded good results. The vaccine was developed by Biological-E. It is an RBD protein sub-unit vaccine. The trial will end in June-July and regulatory approval will be obtained. As a result, it is expected to be used for vaccination from August.

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