75th Anniversary Of World’s First Atomic Bombing- “Hiroshima And Nagasaki”

75th Anniversary Of World's First Atomic Bombing- "Hiroshima And Nagasaki"

Today is the 75th anniversary of World’s First atomic bombing of Hiroshima where massive destructions were witness, and till now, people are unable to forget this world of horror of a nuclear weapon. 

On 6th August the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima situation in Japan and on 9th August they dropped another bomb on Nagasaki. This nuclear explosion killed thousands of people and affected many because of the impacts of the radiation from the blast.

Then after radioactive ‘Black Rain’ fell hours after the bomb was dropped. It is estimated that around 80000 of the city’s 350000 people were killed immediately by the end of the year and the death toll inflated to 140000 as the survivors died to illness due to the exposure of radiations. As per the US War Department, the Hiroshima bomb explosion was termed as ‘Impenetrable cloud of dust and smoke’.

75th Anniversary Of World's First Atomic Bombing- "Hiroshima And Nagasaki"

In May 1945 Germany surrendered to Allied forces, but World War II continued in Asia as the Allies fought regal Japan.  Then Tokyo rejects an ultimatum for peace, and the relation between Japan and the US became more critical. The US then thought for a quick action which will result in their surrender without risking their lives and losses on the ground. 

Therefore, US President Harry Truman approved to drop the first bomb called ‘Little Boy’ on Hiroshima, which was the first time a nuclear weapon was ever used in a war. 

Because of the bomb, thousands of people died instantly and destroyed the entire city. Then with no immediate surrender from Japan, another bomb named as ‘Fat Man’ was dropped on Nagasaki killing more than 40000 people instantly. Because of the dual bombing, it brought an end to this war in Asia and on 14th August, Japan surrendered to the Allies.

75th Anniversary Of World's First Atomic Bombing- "Hiroshima And Nagasaki"

But back then it was rumoured that Japan was already on the verge of surrender and there was no urgency to drop the bomb. After the war, Hiroshima tried to reinvent itself as a City of Peace and proceeds to promote nuclear disbanding around the world.

US President Harry Truman thought that only bombing an entire city would make them surrender and bring a stop to the world war. Hiroshima was targeted because it is the Second Army and of the Chugoku Regional Army, which makes it the most significant military stations in Japan. Hiroshima was also the site of the most plentiful supply of military depots and the military shipping. 

75th Anniversary Of World's First Atomic Bombing- "Hiroshima And Nagasaki"

Last week the district court in Hiroshima had to identify the survivors of the ‘Black Rain’, and now they are eligible to avail the benefits including medical care and other stuff. These survivors were successful in proving that they suffered a medical condition which was caused by the Post explosion rain or the Black Rain. 

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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