Championing The Cause of Women Leadership- Ms. Varsha Biswal, CEO- Truptee Dairy

by prisita

A passionate entrepreneur is genuinely an enthusiast about what he/she does. They go beyond the skies and are willing to put in the extra yard of hardwork for their business to succeed. They enjoy their work in any circumstances. Entrepreneurs that succeed never stop learning. To improve their enterprises, they conduct research and network with like-minded individuals. Today we are in a conversation with a young mind C.E.O. who has cracked the code for successful entrepreneurship.

Varsha Biswal, C.E.O. of Truptee diary, is a biotechnologist by profession yet an entrepreneur. She persuaded her BTech and Mtech from KIIT University. She is currently a J.R.F. at OUAT and has recently got her Ph.D from Utkal University. Being an entrepreneur has always piqued her attention because it piqued her cognitive process, which she applied in the workplace and which assisted her in developing new dairy products for clients.

Truptee Dairy first opened its doors in 2006. Varsha’s mother, Mrs. Trupti, and her father, Dr. Shiba prasad Biswal, came up with the concept for Truptee Dairy. Ms. Varsha used to oversee and inspect the products’ quality while determining which animals could supply the greatest milk for future production and processing. They have two veterinary doctors working for them. They also offer free cattle treatments to farmers’ animals if they are sick or unhealthy. The corporation had planned to begin production in 2020 but could not do so because of the COVID pandemic. Instead, they began production in 2021 after observing the circumstances.


Truptee Dairy has a very active filtration system for its milk, which goes through several tests before passing the quality inspection. They take great care of every step of the process, from the milk bank to packing. Toned milk, paneer, curd, rabdi, and other dairy products are served by the company. Varsha had always been interested in the dairy company as a biotechnologist. She claims that she goes to the plant every weekend to inspect the job. She firmly believes in the quote ‘quality over quantity.’

Varsha has always aspired to be a scientist and an entrepreneur. She wants to give each generation a new vision, and she is always full of plans and ideas. She has the vision to take Truptee Dairy to a new level, perhaps transforming the dairy sector. Her father, Dr. Shiba Prasad Biswal, and their business partner, Dr. Samarendra Mohanty, advised her before entering the sector. Varsha has always felt that one should invest in one’s vision rather than focusing on others. Varsha, a young woman with big dreams, wants to help society and create a new world in this firm. Farmers are being aided, and their contributions are being recognized. Truptee is a large corporation that aims to employ the general public.

According to Varsha, “To take care of the world as a female entrepreneur, you must be able to stand on your own two feet.” Hard work, dedication, and consistency are the keys to success.


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