A solid LinkedIn profile required for house hunting in Bangalore

by Subhechcha Ganguly

In Bengaluru, you can now get rejected by landlords if you do not have an IIT or an IIM degree, just like on matrimony websites. Whoever stated that degrees are not important probably needs to go house hunting there. The capital of Karnataka’s home owners have increased their expectations and are now requesting the LinkedIn profiles and college degrees of their tenants.A Twitter user posted his conversations with an agent, and other users responded with humorous comments. The user was in for a shock when the agent requested for his LinkedIn profile and denied him because he wasn’t an IIT/IIM graduate, as opposed to homeowners who prefer tenants from a particular faith, with particular eating habits, or who have a certain marital status.

In 2021, a similar tweet went viral, demonstrating how Bengaluru landlords had been engaging in this behaviour for a while.

On Twitter, the post received a range of reactions. Many locals who have experienced similar incidents in the city have attested to the fact that such behaviours are common in Bengaluru. One of the users stated that it had not only begun in Hyderabad but was also happening in Bengaluru.

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