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A vaccinated person sends a legal notice for side effects of Covid vaccine, demands Rs 5 crore for compensation


Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Serum Institute on Saturday. The Prime Minister has discussed with experts the preparation of vaccines. Meanwhile, a 40-year-old man from Tamil Nadu, who had already taken part in the Serum Institute’s vaccine test, has reportedly sent legal notice to the institution seeking compensation for the side effects.

It is learned that the person has sent notices not only to the Serum Institute but also to the ICMR, DCGI and Shri Ramachandra Institute. According to the leading English newspaper Economics Times, the person involved participated in the third phase of the vaccine clinical trial. The trial was organized by Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai. According to media reports, the candidate was facing serious health complications after being vaccinated. He did not say what the problem was but demanded Rs 5 crore in damages.

However, the repercussions came at a time when the institute had suspended testing of vaccines following allegations of adverse effects in the UK. R. Rajaram issued the notice on November 21, awaiting the agency’s response. “If there is no response from the agency, the case may reach the court next week,” said lawyer Rajaram.

The person involved in the notice issued by the lawyer was vaccinated on October 1. Exactly 10 days later, the man involved suffered from severe headaches. He was rushed to a hospital, he was discharged from the hospital on 26th October. However, the lawyer said the man was still restless, serious and uncomfortable.

It is believed that such vaccines are completely safe and seldom have side effects. The lawyer, on the other hand, pointed out that it was not followed up after the test vaccine. The participants also demanded an immediate halt to the distribution of such vaccines. Members of the institute have issued an order to treat such patients in free. However, they have not prescribed treatment.

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