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ABVP to Start online Language Learning Class

ABVP to Start online Language Learning Class

Keeping in view the ongoing crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic, ABVP has decided to roll out online language learning classes. The classes are expected to benefit students the most. 

According to a dissertation, students from JNU are also participating in it. This endeavour is known as Bhasa Sangam, which was inaugurated on June 26. Under the program, students can learn any Indian and foreign language. 

Once the program was floated, students from across the country and abroad showed curiosity to register themselves for the program. “We got a very favourable visual response for language courses. The classes are all set to commence from Saturday,” Shivam Chaurasia, President ABVP, JNU said.

The members of ABVP who are also students of JNU said, this invention will be effective and fruitful for students who are looking forward to learning basics and International fellowships to study abroad.

The classes will be conducted through Google classroom and will be a free introductory course. JNU Bhasa Sangam program has received immense appreciations and over a thousand enrollments from India and abroad.

Around 50 language experts, teachers and research scholars would be giving lectures on the basics of various languages. It is worth noting that students, professionals and common citizens have registered for learning.

“For a student learning to speak is the basic basement to build-up career ahead. This is a huge opportunity to understand the basics of culture and diversity associated with it. This is the time to claim to lighten our Indian culture and language Globally, through Bhasa Sangam. ABVP JNU is facilitating a possibility to glorify the communication skills of students during the lockdown.”

 Article Written By JP Sahu

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