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“Harnessing Intellectual Capital”

“Harnessing Intellectual Capital”

Prof Satya Prakash Panda, Gandhi Group of Institutions

The Gandhi Group of Institutions, a sprawling educational conglomerate, is held in the highest esteem by corporate, industry and academia alike. But its reputation was not built in a jiffy. Nor are the Group’s achievements any flash in the pan. It all started from scratch by Prof Satya Prakash Panda, the venerable founder chairman of the Gandhi Group of Institutions.

Panda, himself a visionary and an inveterate academician, dared to establish his flagship institution GIET at Gunupur, the tribal hinterland of Odisha, which has acted as the growth engine for this ever neglected part of the country, leaving an example for others to follow.

Recipient of several awards for his services to the nation, Dr Panda is a humble Gandhian educationalist, philanthropist, social worker who believes and practices excellence in all facets of life.

An academician and educationist with high credentials, Dr Panda taught human resource management for 25 years. He has authored three books. His doctoral thesis concentrated on the problems that dogged coal miners in India. He is credited with the successful implementation of human resources theories at institutions, a feat that has brought him laurels galore. In his avatar as an administrator, Dr Panda is benevolent, nonetheless hugely effectively.

These qualities have ungrudgingly earned him love and applause from his students and the faculty alike. Biographical scrutiny tells Dr Panda had it all in his genes.

His father, the late Balaram Panda, was the renowned Philanthropist and social worker of Gunupur, Dr Panda stands for truth, determination, character and positivity with great love and compassion for the poor and weak.

His strong love for his area has encouraged him to be involved in developing rail and road communication in South Odisha in general and causing socio-economic development of Gunupur area.

He is the founder of Balaniketan, Gunupur, an orphanage and president of Swabalamban an NGO running an exemplary old age home at Gunupur. Ex-President of Lions club Gunupur and had been Chairman of several academic bodies of Berhampur University and Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha.

“GIET University was established in the year 1997, with a motto of providing quality education in a highly disciplined environment with international standards, along with character building of students who will be able to stand up to the challenges of the present employment market. Twenty-two years in the pioneering educational establishment & a great temple of learning, which has welcomed intellectual, cultural and social giants from the length and breadth of the Country who left indelible footprints on the sands of time making GIET University a proud alma–mater”, said Panda.

The difference between the dreamer and innovator is that a dreamer just dreams and an innovator creates his own path to realize ideas which others think as impossible. That streak of originality is the distinct quality that makes Dr Satya Prakash Panda, Chairman, Gandhi Group as the brightest star of the education horizon of Eastern India.

The founder of the legendary Gandhi Group, which has established or helped establish around two dozens of technical institutions, Dr Panda, even at 61 is still the flag bearer of the group. Dr Panda is a multifaceted personality with exceptional qualities as a person as well as scholar.

He is the man of intellectual integrity and humanism, a Gandhian, edu-entrepreneur, a human administrator, an ardent advocate, a social worker, a friend to the needy with an open mind and big heart. He has played each of his roles in life with immaculate perfection. A great inspirer and a warm personality have brought colours of the rainbow into the lives of millions.

The visionary leader has spelt out the objectives – to create a world-class institution for undergraduate and post-graduate education in engineering, management, medicine and science with an intellectually alive atmosphere of research, to create a unique technical institute for technology development in the country in which education will be totally integrated with state-of-the-art research and to create a cadre of high-calibre, internationally well-known faculty members which will be devoted to teaching as well as research and technology development activities in engineering, management and computer sciences and humanities.

Article Written By Dibyajit Sahu

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