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According To Experts COVID-19 Can Be More Dangerous During Winter


With the soaring cases of Coronavirus cases, it is quite challenging to say that when things will ultimately be back to normal. However, the Government is making every possible step to control the virus spread. But recently, reports were circulating that the number of COVID-19 cases will increase during winter

According to the reports, some researchers depicted that, like any other respiratory viruses, it may be possible that the COVID virus infections might rise in the winter months. Most respiratory illnesses like SARS or Influenza show a periodical variation as a virus serves to survive longer in a cold and dry climate. Even the low humidity can elevate the evaporation of viral particles and aerosol structures, developing the airborne spread of the disease. The lack of sun in winter also exhausts Vitamin D, which weakens immunity. This can make us more receptive to virus infections, which also include Coronavirus. 

Harsh Vardhan, Health Minister, shared the spread of Coronavirus cases more in India’s winter season. He further elaborates that SARS COVID 2 is a respiratory virus, and due to cold weather in the winter season, the transmission of respiratory viruses increases. Even in the winter season, there is a drift of overcrowding in residential dwellings, which can also increase the transmission. By quoting an example of the European countries, he said that the number of infections had risen because of winter arrives.

But the researchers asked not to panic and take precautionary measures compulsorily like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. During the winter season, following respiratory and hand sanitization measures without any inattentive approach. The process of vaccination is going on but how much time it will consume to come to the commercial basis is uncertain till now. So it is very much our responsibility to take all the safety measures for COVID-19.

Recently the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has warned Delhi to report around 15,000 Covid-19 cases daily in winter. The NCDC stated in a document related to the revised Covid-19 strategy for Delhi-

 During winter, people may come out more outside, which can cause more risk to their lives. Even with the coming months, India will witness may festival occasions, so it is assumed a sudden rise in the cases. Therefore, it is suggested that Delhi should prepare for a daily wave of approximately 15,000 positive cases and make arrangements for inpatient admissions of patients with moderate and severe disease, roughly amounting to 20% of this surge.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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