Anupamaa actor Muskan Bamne reacts to Paras Kalnawat’s comments about toxicity on set: He left the show due to his own problems


Actor Paras Kalnawat’s comment that “80 percent of the cast of Anupamaa would want to exit if given an opportunity” stirred a debate with several fellow actor from the TV show coming out and defending the makers and sharing that there is nothing toxic about the environment on set as Paras claimed. After Nidhi Shah and Aashish Mehrotra, now actor Muskan Bamne has come forward in support of the show.

There’s nothing problematic with the environment of the show. It’s all good and in fact, I really enjoy working there,” says Muskan, further stating, “There has never been an issue with payments etc and we always get our cheques on time and there is nothing for us to worry with that aspect either.”
Referring to the claims made by Paras and his comments against the show and its environment, Muskan says those issues started when Paras breached the show’s contract to sign another reality.
She elaborates, “There isn’t any issue with the makers as such but some time back, Paras had signed (dance reality show) Jhalak Dikhla Ja and abruptly quit Anupamaa in the middle. According to me, it was all sorted. So, I don’t know why he is saying all these things that he is saying now.”

The 23-year-old stresses that other than this episode, she can’t really think of any instance between Paras and the Anupamaa team that would have caused a conflict.
“I do not indulge in a lot of things that happen on the set. I mind my work and spend the rest of the time with my uncle. So, I do not know the details. And if you ask me, it’s more about to each their own. Sabka alag alag experience hota hai. So, perhaps Paras left because of his own problems and not the environment of the show,’ she opines.
The actor also caught everybody’s attention when the audience noticed that she has been missing from few crucial episodes of the show, adding fuel to the fire that she has also decided to quit. However, the actor clarifies that she is very much a part of the show.

“There was some issue with my dates, as I had to shoot some other project simultaneously. It was a web show and I was busy with it. I shot for my part and now I am ready to resume my shoot for Anupamaa. That’s about it. There’s some other track going on for now, so once that is over, I will be back in the show,” she wraps up.

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