Anushree Dash: Crafting Change with Courage and Compassion


In the heart of Rourkela, where the clangour of steel resonates, Anushree Dash, a formidable force for social change, weaves a narrative of empowerment, resilience, and unyielding determination. A polymath of societal metamorphosis, she dons the hats of a gender equality advocate, TEDx luminary, social reformer, and the revered Pad Woman of Odisha. Anushree’s canvas of influence extends beyond the realms of conventional activism, embracing the nuances of art, culture, and the sublime tapestry of life.


As a harbinger of transformation, Anushree has become synonymous with her brainchild, ADiBha She Vision, an embodiment of the rallying cry, “SHE for SHE!” This visionary initiative pulsates with the mission to champion equal rights, opportunities, pay, and respect for women. With programs like Anandini, Sparsh, and Sambhav, Anushree has not merely etched her presence on the national stage but has fostered palpable change in the fabric of rural and tribal communities in Odisha.


In a candid conversation with Interview Times, Anushree opens up about her journey, from the gleaming corridors of corporate life to the rugged terrains of societal metamorphosis.


Defying Doubts

Amidst the cacophony of scepticism, Anushree embarked on her odyssey, trading a lucrative corporate career for the untrodden path of social development. The decision met with a chorus of dissent from family, friends, and even her own internal hesitations, would be the crucible in which her resolve was tested. Anushree, however, reframes these challenges not as hurdles but as catalysts, propelling her towards a calling higher than the ordinary.


“I always believe that if your path is more difficult, your calling is higher,” she affirms, her eyes reflecting the fire that fuels her conviction. “The life of a woman, in general, is a struggle for survival, filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. But coming back stronger from the dead end instead of getting stuck is the true achievement.”


“So it was my conscious decision to leave the hustle-bustle of city life and a subtle corporate career to start my journey as a social activist. Doing what i love to do, give me immense peace and pleasure,” she added. 


The Birth of ADiBha She Vision

Anushree’s journey from the bustling city to the grassroots was fueled by an innate desire to effect positive change, rooted in a profound connection with her Indian heritage. The palpable connection with rural and tribal communities catalyzed her transformation into a change-maker. ADiBha She Vision, she explains, was conceived with the motto “SHE for SHE!”, a resonant call for empowerment echoing through its corridors.


“SHE for SHE! is not just a slogan; it’s a commitment to advocate equal rights, equal opportunities, equal pay, and equal respect,” Anushree passionately elucidates. “Our programs and sessions centred on education, acceptance, and respect, transcend boundaries, reaching rural areas, tribal communities, and urban slums. We address crucial issues like menstrual hygiene management, sex education, gender equality, and the prevention of child abuse and child marriage.”


“My socio-entrepreneurial journey with ADiBha, exclusively focuses on creating livelihood for the artisans and weavers community of Odisha, supporting and promoting Sambalpuri Handloom and sustainable fashion,” added the philanthropist. 

Navigating Challenges

In a society often resistant to change, Anushree’s foray into the uncharted waters of social activism was met with incredulity and scepticism. Her response, however, was not dictated by external resistance but by an inner resolve to become a face for change and inspire others to embrace the mantle of a change-maker.


“I have always felt a strong connection with my roots,” she shares. “My bond with rural and tribal people made me realize the importance of working for my people, becoming a catalyst for change, and inspiring others to take up the mantle of a change-maker.”


ADiBha She Vision Unveiled

ADiBha She Vision’s multifaceted approach to empowerment unfolds through programs like Anandini, a school connect initiative focusing on menstrual awareness and hygiene management. Anushree’s eyes light up as she speaks about the impact of their efforts, especially in reaching national acclaim for community outreach.


“Our pillars are education, acceptance, and respect,” Anushree emphasizes. “We aim to create awareness in the farthest corners, addressing issues ranging from menstrual hygiene management to gender equality, child sexual abuse prevention, and combating child marriages and drug addiction.”


Extending a Helping Hand

Anushree’s commitment to social upliftment extends beyond rhetoric. When asked about how people can approach ADiBha She Vision for assistance, she exudes warmth and openness.


“We have a robust presence on social media, and our website serves as a gateway to understanding our work,” she notes. “Anyone interested in reaching out, whether for issues or to sponsor our programs for underprivileged children, can easily connect with us. We are building connections, and when we learn of a problem, we strive to extend our help promptly. I aspire to become a face of change, a people leader and reclaim politics as an avenue of social change and public service.”


Naari: An Ode to Womanhood

Beyond her role as a catalyst for change, Anushree is an ardent advocate for womanhood, wielding her pen as a powerful sword in the fight for gender equality. Writing has become a medium through which she articulates her experiences, stories, and passions for a larger audience, encapsulating the essence of womanhood and the pursuit of equality.


“Change is a journey, and dialogue is the solution to advocate change,” Anushree expresses. “Through various mediums like books, newspaper columns, blogs, and articles, I channel my thoughts on womanhood and gender equality. Writing grounds me, giving voice to my experiences while celebrating the aesthetic, poetry, Indian architecture, travel, art, and the passion for life that define me.”


Anushree concludes with a message resonating with the vigour that defines her journey. “It is not the circumstances against us; it is our own negative mindset,” she asserts. “The fight is between your heart and your head. Take responsibility for your actions and outcomes. Results may be tiny, success might not come in the first attempt but own your decisions. Focus on strengths, improve weaknesses, believe in yourself, and come back stronger to conquer the world, even if it stands against you.”


In the tapestry of Anushree Dash’s narrative, each thread bears witness to a woman who, armed with a sword of unbiased, independent thought, endeavours to redefine societal norms and champion the cause of equality. Her odyssey is not just a personal journey but a symphony of compassion, resilience, and empowerment that reverberates far beyond the confines of Odisha, inspiring change on a broader canvas.

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