In Conversation with a brilliant author,blogger and freelance content writer-Aparna J


Aparna J,a brilliant author,blogger and freelance content writer.She is a writer starting her career with a book Swarnakamal that is compilation of 53 award winning stories.She has six books to her credit.She has done article rewriting,product description and translation in different languages.She draws inspiration in writing from different experiences and thoughts.She has received multiple awards in her field.Let us know more about her in this interview.

1.Hello Aparna,how you define yourself to our readers?Which profession are you working in?

I am a voracious reader and love to write a lot. Because of my love for books, my family calls me a bookworm.I am a freelance content writer, an author, and a blogger by profession.

2.When did you start writing?What was your writing experience?
I started writing when I was in fourth grade. I was memorizing an English poem when I composed my first poem, “ Think, Boy, Think! “ Gradually, I started writing articles for newspapers and participated in Slogan writing competitions, winning several prizes.
Then, I focused on my studies and career to give up writing. After I got married, I started writing again. My aunt got me enrolled in The Creative Writing Class of Ms. Preeti Shenoy, one of the bestselling authors in India. Under her able guidance and inspiration, I participated in the 52 week writing challenge competition by and won the second prize in 2018. Since then I have published six books, out of which, five are available on Amazon. It has been a roller coaster ride for me. But I enjoy writing.

3.What motivated you in writing?How do you source ideas for your writing?

I was inspired by Robert Frost’s Poem “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening. Poems of Williams Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and TS Elliott fascinated me.After writing my first poem, I started playing with words in the form of simple rhymes. My fascination with writing continued to grow as I realized that it was a form of creative therapy to vent out my anger in four different languages. If anyone offended me, I would write an essay on him or her in four languages, expressing my opinion on the concerned person, read it, laugh it off and make a paper plane out of it.
Reading stories of inspiration, people suffering from depression, mental harassment and experiencing trauma, and sometimes, memories of my childhood foster my imagination.

4.What do you enjoy the most about writing?What do you do apart from writing?What was the most challenging task in your writing career?
I am able to bring out my creativity. Writing helps me think logically and I feel inspired to write more. Sometimes I feel that I am expressing a part of my soul when I am writing a poem or a story. I love listening to old Bollywood songs, and reading books. My most challenging task was to write continuously for 52-week-writing challenge by I had to keep my creative juices flowing.

5.How do you find time to write and are you doing something as of now?What is your strength?What suggestion will you give to aspiring writers?

I start writing as soon as I get ideas for a poem, an essay, an article or a short story. I set aside an hour or two for writing.
I just finished working on my latest crime thriller, “ Flora Villa : A Game of Death.” The editing is under process and will mostly likely be available on Amazon by 22nd of August.
I read a lot of books, articles and essays by others to keep myself updated. I feel there’s so much to learn from everyone and gathering information is another hobby of mine. I love experimenting with my writing.
Firstly, I extend my heartiest congratulations to all the budding writers for choosing this awesome profession. Never give up writing simply because someone advised that there’s no guarantee of earning regular income and go for a regular job.
Persistence and dedication towards writing, will certainly yield great rewards in the long run.
Please don’t lose your heart if your story doesn’t get the desired response. Keep trying until you get success

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