Are schools in Odisha having sufficient teachers?


While the Odisha government makes grand declarations about emphasising the need to bring public schools up to par with private ones, many of them continue to struggle due to a lack of facilities and staff. A good example is Radhakanta Jew Primary School in Madiali Village, Bhandaripokhari Tehsil, Bhadrak District.Students and parents have started an ongoing dharana at the school demanding the appointment of teachers.More than 150 children read in eight classrooms at this institution. But due to a teacher shortage, education appears to have suffered in this area. Only three teachers are now managing the eight classes due to the current state of affairs. The locals and parents apparently raised the issue with the relevant authority on a number of occasions, but to no avail. Parents and students chose to have an ongoing dharana since they had no other choice.For the past three years, the school has struggled with a teacher shortage. We have already made seven trips to the block education office, but nothing has been done to address the issue, according to a parent named Ajit Kumar Jena. Three teachers work at the school. The other two are teachers of pupils, and one is the headmaster. Jena questioned, “How can two professors handle the eight classes? However, no comments on the topic could be gotten from the relevant authorities.


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