Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Seeks Support From Naveen Patnaik For JDU Candidate In Rajya Sabha Poll


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Seeks Support From Naveen Patnaik for the JD (U) candidate in the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman’s poll.  He notified Odisha CM that his party’ Rajya Sabha MP Harivansh Narayan Singh had registered nomination for Deputy Chairman’s post in Rajya Sabha.

He then requested CM Naveen Patnaik that his party BJD to extend their support to the existing Deputy Chairperson in the election.

In the last election, BJD has supported Harivansh and expecting this year the same. The Monsoon Session of Parliament is programmed from 14th September to 1st October.

The election for the deputy chairman is likely to be held on the first day of the session. The nomination filing process began on 7th September and will close on 11th September. The post’s election was constrained as the obligatory Harivansh completed his term as a member of the Rajya Sabha earlier this year. He was sent to Rajya Sabha again from Bihar.

Back in 2018, he beat Congress’s BK Hariprasad and was elected the deputy chairman. Now he is likely to be elected to the post again as BJP floor managers are very optimistic about the support of about 140 MPs, including the fence-sitters YSR Congress, TRS, and BJD. BJP-led NDA has also progressively increased to more than 114 in the house with an adequate strength of 244 members as there is one vacancy. Floor managers of NDA are trying to build an agreement among all parties so that Harivansh could be elected collectively.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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