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Bihu – The soul of Assam

In the Indian state of Assam, there are three significant Assamese festivals known as “Bihu”: “Rongali” or “Bohag Bihu” in April, “Kongali” or “Kati Bihu” in October, and “Bhogali” or “Magh Bihu” in January.The Deori (a Boro-Garo language) term Bisu, which means “extreme delight,” is the ancestor of the word Bihu. The spring festival is celebrated by the Rongali Bihu, which is the most significant of the three. The harvest celebration of Bhogali Bihu or Magh Bihu features communal feasts. The mournful, frugal Kongali Bihu, also known as the Kati Bihu, is an animistic celebration that reflects a time of limited supplies.The Rongali Bihu falls on the same day as the Assamese New Year as well as the East Asian and South-East Asian calendar-following nations of the Indian subcontinent. The Assamese people only celebrate the other two Bihu holidays once a year. Bihu is related to agriculture, namely rice.

Bohag Bihu is a sowing festival, Kati Bihu is an animistic version of the festival that is related with crop protection and plant and crop worship, and Bhogali Bihu is a harvest celebration. The Rongali Bihu is celebrated by Assamese with feasts, music, and dance. Some people display brass, copper, or silver pots on poles in front of their homes, and as they travel through rural neighbourhoods, youngsters wearing flower garlands welcome the new year. According to ancient writings, Bohag Bihu festivities began in the first week of Chaitra month. The time from the first week of Chaitra to the end was known as Raati Bihu or Chotor Bihu. During this time, young people danced at night in the grounds of Than  also known as temples. The Rati Bihu concluded on the last day of Chaitra or the first Tuesday of Bohag. This was known as the Uruka. The temple dancers Deodhani performed all night and were thought to be possessed by the goddess Kechai-khati , indicating that she had descended from heaven .

By Subhechcha Ganguly


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