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Bridging the Technology Chasm

Bridging the Technology Chasm

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By, Charan Singh

Ashwini Rath, Batoi System

Twenty years ago, he treaded the unchartered territory to bridge across the chasm of technology. Mr. Ashwini Rath(Bridging the Technology Chasm) landed softly in the era of industry 4.0. Surmounting an array of challenges- the absence of a conducive ecosystem or the lack of social acceptance, he achieved many milestones along the way.

Elucidating the needs to cruise through the onslaught of industry 4.0, Rath(Bridging the Technology Chasm) highlights four important elements compressed as ABCD. 

A stands for analytics which is the fulcrum of today’s boardroom in corporations. To make crucial decisions, corporates need to churn data. 

B stands for business which is the area where everyone is exploring. 

C stands for communication. As the globe is shrinking in terms of technology one must equip with impeccable communication imbued with cross-cultural understanding. 

D stands for digital. These days, all and sundry are exposed to the digital platform. This means digital skill throws a barrage of opportunities. 

Mr. Rath(Bridging the Technology Chasm), creating an indelible mark in the world of technology through his organization Batoi System, lays emphasis on lessening the cost of the software.

He along with his team has been working hard to create an ecosystem to facilitate the use of the software by the clients rather than owning it.  

He strongly believes if technology marries development, growth is inevitable and to expedite the process, we must focus on technology at the panchayat level. 

Operating from four different time zones, Mr. Rath injected a lot of reforms in his organization Batoi System, emulating different work cultures in the west.

He is quite besotted with the structural approach of the west coupled with professionalism. Triggering his creative mind, Mr. Rath approaches problems and challenges through the prism of times.

He(Bridging the Technology Chasm) believes the problem exists in the future only. So keeping the future and the challenges it throws in mind we should be inquisitive to explore solutions. 

The present generation is flirting with the future through IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial intelligence and BlockChain. The progress of society depends on their success in this realm.

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