Businessman Amiya Das admits giving Rs 7 lakh to Archana Nag

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Businessman Amiya Kanta Das on Tuesday said that he had given around Rs 7 lakh to Archana Nag, who along with her husband allegedly honeytrapped several influential people of the State and collected huge amount of money from them.

Speaking to media persons after being questioned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) here, Das admitted that he had given around Rs 7 lakh to Archana in two phases.

Das said that he had come into contact with Archana through Facebokk, a social media platform, and given her the said amount of money after the lady asked him to help her for medical purpose.

Das however remained silent when he was asked whether he had visited Archana’s residence in the city.

Earlier in the day, Das appeared before the ED connection with the Archana Nag honey-trapping and blackmailing case.

According to information, the ED has found that Das had sent cheques of Rs 10 lakh from his business bank account to bank accounts of Archana Nag and her husband Jagabandhu Chand in 2021-22. Das is a known businessman in the capital city.

Notably, Archana and her husband Jagabandhu Chand have been arrested for allegedly amassing wealth by honey trapping prominent people in Odisha. The couple is currently in jail in this case.


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