Canada confirms 1,411 monkeypox cases

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, 1,411 instances of monkeypox, including 38 hospitalizations, have been documented in Canada. 674 of the confirmed cases are from Ontario, 521 are from Quebec, 167 are from British Columbia, 41 are from Alberta, three are from Saskatchewan, two are from the Yukon, and one case each is from Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and New Brunswick.

The distribution of second dosages reportedly began this week in Canada. Only for those who are symptom-free, the second dose can be given 28 days following the first. A viral illness called monkeypox can be transmitted from one person to another by intimate contact, such as kisses, embraces, massages, or sexual activity.

The study also said that, for the week ending October 1, Canada verified 18,478 new cases of COVID-19. Covid-19 instances and fatalities totaled 4,270,891 and 45,394 in Canada, respectively. Daily tests per 100,000 persons were 59, and the weekly average daily positive rate was 11.9%, according to the Xinhua news agency.

Beginning in October, the Canadian government lifted all Covid-19 border restrictions, including those requiring compulsory immunizations, testing, and quarantining visitors from outside. According to Health Canada, obtaining booster shots when advised will help protect people from serious sickness and other problems from Covid-19 infection. Vaccination remains one of the most effective methods of preventing Covid-19 infection.


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