Celebrating Excellence: Debanjali Nag to Receive Top 10 Personalities Award


Debanjali Nag, a luminary in the world of literature and storytelling, is set to receive the esteemed Top 10 Personalities Award by Interview Times. With an illustrious career marked by accolades and innovation, Debanjali’s journey as an author has been nothing short of remarkable. Having recently clinched the Multi Personality Award in 2024 by KoalaKraft and the Emerging Author of the Year 2022 Fiction title conferred by Ukiyoto Publishing, Debanjali’s literary prowess has captivated readers worldwide.

Debanjali’s book, Micro Tales Collection delves into the intricacies of romance and life through the lens of succinct storytelling. Each tale, crafted with precision and poignancy, offers readers a glimpse into the depth of human emotions in a compact yet impactful format.

In anticipation of receiving the Top 10 Personalities Award, Debanjali reflects on the significance of this recognition and her aspirations for the future:


  1. Can you share your thoughts on being selected for the Top 10 Personalities Award by Interview Times and what it means to you?

Ans   It’s an immense honor to be recognized by Interview Times. This award is a reflection of the collective voice and spirit of my readers and the enduring power of storytelling. It reaffirms my belief that literature is a pivotal force for societal growth and personal introspection.

      2.Your book, Micro Tales Collection, has garnered widespread acclaim for its ability to convey    complex emotions in a concise format. What inspired you to explore the genre of microtales, and what message do you hope readers take away from your work?

Ans   The brevity of microtales offers a canvas for profound emotional landscapes. My inspiration was the everyday human experience, distilled into moments of clarity and resonance. I hope my readers find a voice in these tales that echoes their own truths and complexities. 

3.With your diverse literary achievements, including winning the Multi Personality Award and being recognized as the Emerging Author of the Year, how do you envision your role as an author evolving in the coming years?

Ans    The landscape of literature is ever-changing, and I aim to be at its forefront. My role as an author is evolving towards becoming a facilitator of dialogues, using my platform to spotlight narratives that catalyze change and foster a more empathetic world.

4.You mentioned your intention to merge social issues with interactive storytelling in your future endeavours. Could you elaborate on this concept and how you believe it will impact readers?

Ans    Interactive storytelling is a powerful medium to engage with social issues. It allows readers to step into the shoes of others, fostering empathy and understanding. I believe this approach can make complex issues more accessible and spur readers to action.

5.As you embark on this journey of interactive storytelling, what challenges do you anticipate, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Ans    The main challenges lie in technology integration and maintaining narrative depth. My strategy is to collaborate with technologists and fellow creatives to ensure that the storytelling remains immersive and impactful.

6.In today’s fast-paced world, where attention spans are dwindling, how do you think the medium of interactive books can engage readers more effectively?

Ans    Interactive books can revolutionise engagement by offering a dynamic reading experience. They cater to the sensory preferences of readers, making the act of reading a more active and personalised journey.

7. What advice would you give to aspiring authors looking to make their mark in the literary world, particularly in unconventional genres or formats like microtales and interactive storytelling?

Ans    To those venturing into the literary world, my advice is to write with authenticity and courage. Embrace the genres and formats that speak to you, and remember that every story matters. Your unique perspective is what will set you apart.

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