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Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik Declares His Property Details


Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik revealed his property statements which were uploaded on the official website of the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO). The details of both immovable and moveable assets, as well as liabilities, are worth nearly Rs 78 crore which is as of March 31, 2020.

As per the properties statement released by the CMO official website the total assets of the CM are valued at Rs 77, 93, 19,764.These include movable assets such as bank accounts, jewellery and a vehicle amounting to Rs 13,04,04,503, immovable assets worth Rs 63,64,15,261 and liabilities amounting to Rs 1,25,00,000.

The statement also declared assets worth 64.26 crores which included the movable property of Rs 23,26,554.52 and the immovable inherited property was valued at over Rs 63,64,15,261. Even the deposits this year from various bank accounts of CM have increased from Rs 60.45 lakh last year to Rs 1.31 crore.

As per the property statement, Chief Minister owns an Ambassador car of the 1980 model which has been valued at around Rs 8,905 and he possesses jewelry worth around Rs 2, 89,587. Besides, he has farmland and building in an area of 22.7 acres at Tikri Khera village of Faridabad valued at Rs 10, 75, 51,071, as per the valuation done in March 2017.

CM Patnaik also owns a share of his ancestral property which is situated at APJ Abdul Kalam Road in New Delhi. The property is worth valued at Rs 43, 36, 18,000. Around two-third share of Naveen Niwas worth over Rs 9, 52,46,190 is also owned by CM Naveen Patnaik.

As per the official website, the details of the assets-

Details of Movable Property-

 a) Bank of India, Janpath, New Delhi —S/B A/c. – Rs 16,76,018.63

 b) Bank of India, Janpath, New Delhi-Term Deposit – Rs 1,03,13,499.00

 c) State Bank of India, Parliament House, New Delhi – S/B A/c. – Rs 1,818.00

 d) State Bank of India, Bhubaneswar- S/B A/c. – Rs 10,56,888.07

 e) State Bank of India, Hinjlicut, College Campus Branch, Ganjam – S/B Joint A/c – Rs 6,746.00

 f) State Bank of India, Hinjlicut, College Campus Branch – S/B Joint A/c – Rs 13,818.00

 g) State Bank of India, Padampur Branch, Bargarh – S/B Joint A/c – Rs 37,223.40

Details of Immovable Properties-

a) Farmland & building situated in village Tikrikhera, Sohna Road, Dist. Faridabad. (Farmland measuring 22.7 acres) (As per valuation done on 31.03.2017) – Rs 10,75,51,071.00 (approx)

b) 2/3rd share in property “Naveen Niwas” situated at Airport Road, Bhubaneswar.

 (As per valuation done on 18.08.2017) – Rs 9,52,46,190.00 (approx)

c) 50% share in the property situated at 3, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Road, New Delhi.

 (As per valuation done on 22.09.2014) – Rs 43,36,18,000.00 (approx)

Details of Liabilities-

Advance against the sale of farmland at Faridabad vide agreement to sell dated 18th September 2019) – Rs 1,25,00,000.00

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