Civil Aviation Ministry Proposes To Modify Review Period For Slots Usage

by Priya Bharti

New Delhi: The Civil Aviation Ministry has proposed to modify the ‘slot allocation guidelines 2013’ which would change the review period for the use of slots.

Under the proposed guidelines, the usage of slots has to be reviewed every season as against the current practice of reviewing it after two seasons or a year.

“Historic precedence is only granted for a series of slots if the airline can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Coordinators that the series was operated at least 80 percent of the time during the period allocated in the previous season,” said the new guidelines.

Under the new guidelines, the ministry has proposed to change ‘equivalent season’ to ‘previous season’.

“The Ministry of Civil Aviation invites comments/ inputs of the general public/ stakeholders on the above-mentioned proposal by November 28,” said the Aviation Ministry.

The slot planning process holds key importance in planning operations for different airports.

The slot is a permission given by a coordinator for a planned operation to use the full range of airport infrastructure necessary to arrive or depart at a Level 3 airport on a specific date and time.

Level 3 airports are those where capacity is constrained due to a lack of sufficient infrastructure.

With the increase in air traffic at the major airports in the country, the capacity of these airports has become constrained.

Therefore, to ensure the most efficient use of airport infrastructure and in order to maximize benefits to the greatest number of airport users, it is essential to have a policy for the allocation of constrained or limited airport capacity to airlines and other aircraft operators through a transparent and equitable mechanism so as to ensure viable airport and air transport operations.

(Indo-Asian News Services)

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