Conserving nature for a better future


Nature is regarded as a gift from God to all of us, we obtain our source of living from nature. The food we eat, the oxygen we breathe all are gifts of nature to us. Nature is the true epitome of beauty and the essence of love for us.

Nature can be considered as the most elegant and beautiful creation of God on which we human being relies. Not only human beings, but all other species in this world too rely on nature for their survival.WhatsApp Image 2021-09-15 at 5.48.28 PMPerhaps without nature, human life would be impossible, but in return what we have provided to it? In recent years we all must have noticed many climatic changes, global warming, tsunamis, etc. These all are effects of human-caused harm to nature. We are exploiting our nature in such a manner that the balance is being disturbed which pertains to trigger such kinds of disasters mentioned above.

Eliminating pollution as much as possible, maintaining and managing the natural resources with proper care, planting as many trees as possible. Maintaining the ecological balance are some of the steps that can be practiced, should be a holistic approach towards the above-mentioned things which can help us to conserve our nature. We should not let our nature exploit, rather we should gift a better sustainable place for our upcoming generation to live in.

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