The key time to unlock lockdown

The key time to unlock lockdown

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What is the best time to lift the lockdown? This issue has been expansively discussed(The key time to unlock lockdown) at all levels of official hierarchy– from PMO to Chief Ministers’ Offices. The debate is still raging. The situation can be likened to countless meritorious yet hungry students awaiting the chime of bells to herald their recess hour to satiate their appetite.

In the backdrop(The key time to unlock lockdown) of this unforeseen crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a commendable job in reaching out to state satraps to get the hang of the situation on the ground.

States have marshalled all their resources and are complementing the Centre’s efforts to vanquish a deadly virus that has swooped on 210 countries worldwide(The key time to unlock lockdown), infecting over three million and inflicting over two lakh human casualties.

Recently, Mr Modi conducted a video conference with state Chief Ministers to gather their feedback. He sought views from the state bosses on their exit strategies(The key time to unlock lockdown) and roadmap for tackling the virulent pandemic.

The onus is on the states to formulate their own mechanisms to lift lockdown in green zones in a staggered manner while retaining the stern norms for hotspots and containment areas.

As the nationwide lockdown(The key time to unlock lockdown) is on the cusp of reaching its third phase, all states have got ample time to set up exclusive Covid-19 hospitals and quarantine centres. It has also offered time to strengthen its healthcare systems and ramp up testing facilities.

The preparedness to face this disaster in such an astonishing time is in itself a success story to savour. Even preparing thousands of ICU beds, speeding up supplies of test kits and equipment vindicates India’s commitment to tackle the virus on a war footing.

The country is losing an estimated Rs 35,000 crore(The key time to unlock lockdown) each day as saving lives takes precedence over economic activities.

But in the marathon fight against Novel Coronavirus disease, the state administration is also pulling all stops to revive manufacturing in the green zones. Imagine the disastrous repercussions of job losses stemming from lockdown to contain a deadly pandemic!

From corporate hi fliers to the humble employee engaged in a micro-enterprise, everyone is perturbed. But the total lifting of lockdown sounds unfeasible now. Any imprudent decision could scatter the lives of 1.3 billion people.

States are now free to unlock strategies to decide the transition from lockdown to normal. The Centre has empowered state governments which are endowed with both resources and intelligence.

The respective Chief Ministers call the shots in enforcing lockdown and easing it. The future is beset with a bigger worry- the re-occurrence of the virus with mutated, deadlier strains. States can’t turn a blind eye to the impending scare.

While beefing up preparations to tackle the rejuvenated virus, the states should map out economic revival strategies concomitantly. For starters- there could be plans for green and orange zones.

With its incidence of Covid-19 positive cases and fatality rates amongst the lowest in the global curve, this is an opportunity for India to lead nations in the growth trajectory.

And, also seize the initiative to invent treatment for tackling viral infections of critical proportions. The time to think and launch is here, now.