“ Covered in the Magic of writing and Melody”


Dr. Sridevi Soundirarajan (H.G), also recognized as Sridevi K.J. Sharmirajan, hails from India with a multifaceted academic journey encompassing a BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering, an MBA, and an MA in Yoga for Human Excellence. She has been bestowed with prestigious accolades, including an honorary doctorate award in Literature from the Iconic Peace Award Council and a honorary gold medal from DRDC Global.Furthermore, she has completed singing at the beginner level under the guidance of the legendary playback singer, Ranjith Govind.Presently, she serves as the GLOBAL BRAND AMBASSADOR and GLOBAL LITERARY AMBASSADOR of THE INSPIRING WOMEN COMMUNITY (TIWC), as well as a GOODWILL AMBASSADOR at PRITHVI-WOMEN CLIMATE WARRIOR by HERstory Times. Additionally, she holds the esteemed position of an INTERNATIONAL MEMBER AND AMBASSADOR at KALAM EDU-VERSITY.

Q1) As a writer – how do you see that writers can bring in a change in this world ?

Ans:Writers possess a unique power to ignite change through their words. They serve as the voice of the voiceless, shedding light on societal issues and advocating for positive transformation. By crafting compelling narratives, they provoke thought, challenge norms, and inspire action. Through their stories, writers can foster empathy, bridge divides, and cultivate understanding among diverse communities. They have the ability to spark conversations, raise awareness, and mobilize individuals towards collective progress. Writers play a vital role in shaping perspectives, fostering empathy, and empowering individuals to envision and strive for a better world.


Q2) Music is said to express the unexpressed . How had your relation been with singing ?

Ans:Singing, to me, is more than just melody; it’s a form of expression that taps into the depths of emotions. Like a soothing breath, it calms my mind and lifts my spirit. Each note resonates within, igniting a sense of peace and connection. Singing is akin to a spiritual journey, guiding energy from the base to the throat chakra. Through its harmonies, I find solace and release the unspoken. It’s a language of the soul, where words fail, music speaks, bridging the gap between the seen and the unseen, expressing what words cannot encapsulate.

Q3) A lot of youngsters face genuine trouble to manage their skills and hobbies. Since you have taken writing professionally. Tell us about how you manage the time schedule ?

Ans: Balancing writing with other responsibilities requires effective time management. I’ve found that embracing multitasking allows me to indulge in various activities without feeling overwhelmed. By allocating specific time slots for writing amidst my daily routine, I ensure productivity without sacrificing leisure or other pursuits. Flexibility is key; I adapt my schedule to suit my mood and energy levels, maximizing efficiency. Prioritizing tasks and setting realistic goals helps maintain focus and momentum. While juggling different interests can be challenging, mastering time management empowers me to pursue my passions while fulfilling obligations, creating a fulfilling and harmonious lifestyle.

Q4) You have recently received several awards Like The Rashtriya Pratibha Samman ,  and your books are going to be represented in the Rashtriya Lekhak Samman . What is your reaction towards these marvellous achievements?

Ans 🙂Receiving the Rashtriya Pratibha Samman for my book “208 Zen Inspired Samurai Tales: Kid’s Meditation Palette” fills me with immense gratitude and pride. It’s a validation of the dedication poured into crafting stories that inspire and uplift young minds. Having my award winning works “Stressful life vs abundant life: yoga in a samurai way” and “200 Zen stories: Cultivating Positivity and Inner peace” represented in the Rashtriya Lekhak Samman is truly humbling. Moreover, the translations of both books into Japanese, Korean, Thai, Italian, and Malay signify a broader reach and cultural exchange. These achievements fuel my passion for writing and inspire me to continue making a positive impact through storytelling.


Q5) You have also been recently selected for the Banaras Conclave , where several people around the world come forward to express their views. With all these achievements what would you suggest to the youngsters who want to enter in the field of writing ?

Ans :As an author who has journeyed through the realms of creativity and self-expression, my message to youngsters and upcoming authors, artists, and scriptwriters is to relentlessly pursue your passion. Let your unique voice and vision guide your work. Embrace every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. Remember, every piece you create is a reflection of your journey and individuality. Stay true to your ideals, be patient, and constantly seek inspiration from the world around you. Most importantly, believe in your abilities and the power of your words or art to inspire and impact others. Your creativity has the potential to not only enrich your life but also to enlighten and empower those around you. Keep writing, creating, and dreaming!

Q6)Out of every other category why did you chose the topic of books for Children ?

Ans :Choosing to focus on children’s books stems from my belief in the profound impact literature can have on young minds. Children’s books hold the power to ignite imagination, instill values, and foster a lifelong love for reading. I am passionate about nurturing creativity and curiosity in the next generation, and children’s literature provides a wonderful platform for this endeavor. Moreover, crafting stories for children allows me to explore themes of kindness, diversity, and resilience in a way that resonates with young readers. Ultimately, I find great joy and fulfillment in contributing to the magical world of children’s literature.

Q7) It was lovely representing you in the International Artist’s Conclave . Do let us know where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Ans :Being represented at the International Artist’s Conclave was an honor, and it’s been a remarkable journey so far. As I journey through my writing path, my vision for the next five years is to become a globally acclaimed author, renowned for crafting captivating stories that resonate across borders. I aspire to pen best-selling books that leave a lasting impact and contribute to a literary legacy. Expanding my horizons, I aim to delve into diverse genres, from contemporary fiction to thought-provoking speculative narratives. Collaborating with fellow writers and actively engaging in literary endeavors, I seek to foster a worldwide community that celebrates the profound intersection of literature and yoga. My ultimate goal is to connect with readers on a deep level, igniting meaningful conversations and touching hearts worldwide.

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