Crystal Healing a New Trend in the Youth



Self Love and Self Care are the two concepts that are getting more popular amongst the youth. Specially in the lockdown when it has been a pretty difficult time for a lot of people, people also started considering about Mental Health.


Crystal Healing is one such methods where several people take lot of interest . While we can say the youth can recently come in terms to its benefits but there is a section of the society, which has been benefitted by Crystal Healing from a long time now. Crystals are naturally occurring substances that are said to increase vibrations in Human Beings . While crystals come in natural cluster forms they are carved in to several forms for easy usage.


One of the most common forms of crystal healing are by wearing the crystal in your hands as bracelets or rings. There are several bracelets which are gaining popularity nowadays starting from Rose Quartz Bracelets , Citrine Bracelets , Aquamarine Rings and Bracelets. Other than that there are crystal pencils which help people to meditate while putting in positive intentions with these bracelets. Now when it comes to belief several people have different kinds of belief when it comes to crystal healing.


There are several people who argue it is beneficial for them, whereas few people say it’s the plain belief behind it which make things work. So its effectiveness works from person to person. However if we see the number of audience attracted towards crystal healing , we would seemingly notice that the  number of people have increased to a large amount in the present decade. This is a very interesting study and people do take interest in knowing about several types of crystals and what would be suiting them.


Subhechcha Ganguly

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