Demand for temporary water kiosks( jalachatra’s) surge in Dhenkanal


The rising temperature in the city has highlighted the focus on the installation of temporary water kiosks (Jala chatra’s) which provides free drinking water from earthen pots to the commuters, pedestrians and common people at roadside. Though in the last few days the temperature was moderate still the month of may and June are approaching soon, where the temperature usually rises up.
Amid the rising temperature the installation of “Jala chatra’s” across the town is becoming necessary.
Temporary water kiosks (jalachatra’s) have proven useful during summer to quench the thirst of needy.
Meanwhile a few social clubs and organizations of the town have come forward and seen distributing water, buttermilk among common people.

Among them Bajrang club recently distributed drinking water and Tanka Torani among the common people on the occasion of ” Maha Bishuva Pana Sankranti.”
Sandip Sarangi from Bajrang Club said, ” we have eight water tanks at different places in the town which has been installed by our club. The water tanks are regularly washed and we pour new water in it. We are also planning to install more water tanks, apart from that we are planning to install a few temporary “Jala chatra’s” very soon and also we are looking to provide water to street animals.”

Image Courtesy: Sandip Sarangi

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