Dengue cases jump in Odisha’s Koraput district, Panicky Environment

by Priya Bharti

The sudden spike in dengue incidence across the Koraput district has put the health administration on its toes, with July recording the maximum number of cases in the 7-month span. According to sources, the inaccessible pockets of Dasmantpur, Laxmipur, Kundra, Boipariguda, Nandapur, Pottangi and Borrigumma are vulnerable to the disease. Though malaria is common in these hilly terrains, the recent rise in dengue has become a cause of concern for the locals since 205 cases were reported in July alone.

The highest number of cases were registered from Laxmipur block headquarters as compared to other areas from where only 14 cases were registered in July.

The situation is said to have worsened since people are unaware of symptoms and rush to hospitals only after their conditions aggravate. Also, the unavailability of laboratories for the detection of dengue adds to their woes as treatments get delayed. A team comprising Health department visited the dengue-affected areas of Laxmipur and Dasmantpur to ascertain the cause of spread of the fever.

“All health centres and ground-level staff have been stationed in the affected areas to monitor the dengue cases and curb their rapid spread. Besides, the Gaon Kalyan Samitis (GKS) of those villages have been advised to sensitise people and clean the drains and dumping grounds to prevent mosquito proliferation,” said CDMO Arun Padhi.

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