Oral hygiene advice for every age group, from young children to elders

by Subhechcha Ganguly

See how the greatest oral hygiene techniques can help preserve healthy teeth and gums for various age groups. People of all ages should practise good dental hygiene. Nonetheless, a person’s age and developmental stage may affect how they approach dental care. All age groups have different dental needs that call for specialised care and consideration, including infants, kids, teens, adults, and seniors. The same way that we change, so do our teeth, so should our oral hygiene regimen. It is essential for maintaining our health and wellbeing. You may take measures to make sure that you and the people you care about retain healthy teeth and gums throughout your lives by being aware of the various methods to oral care at various stages of life.

The finest dental hygiene techniques for various age groups were discussed with HT Lifestyle by Viren Khuller, Director of STIM Oral Care, and how they can assist preserve healthy teeth and gums These are the basic steps that adolscents should follow to keep up their dental health.Adolescents (10-15 years old) (10-15 years old)• Urge your teen to keep up with regular brushing and flossing.

• Discuss with your teen the value of avoiding meals and beverages that are high in sugar and acid since they can harm teeth.

• Using fluoride toothpaste on a regular basis will assist to strengthen the enamel.

• Since xylitol cannot be broken down by bacteria, it prevents cavities when used in toothpaste.


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