Dhenkanal Dreamer to Healthcare Maestro: Vicky Biswas Pioneers Affordable Healthcare Brilliance at Aiveer Lifescience

To add, I want to say that I want to acknowledge and educate young men in small, remote towns like mine


In the heart of Odisha, a visionary named Vicky Biswas emerged from humble beginnings to pioneera groundbreaking pharmaceutical firm, Aiveer Lifescience. Started his journey from the vibrant hub of Dhenkanal, Vicky’s unwavering commitment to community welfare and relentless pursuit of excellence are the cornerstones of his remarkable success story.


From modest origins, Vicky embarked on a mission to revolutionize healthcare accessibility in his country. Guided by his sagacious leadership, AiveerLifescience is a testament to his unwavering dedication today. Beyond merely providing affordable medical supplies, the organization ensures that the people of Odisha enjoy access to world-class facilities, maintaining global quality standards.


A sportsman and a national player since his school days, Vicky Biswas honed his competitive spirit as an athlete at Barabati Stadium in Odisha. Additionally he believes that as a sportsman one must strive to position  his/her school ,district , state and country that one represents at the top position.


Vicky’s story is a living testament to the transformative power of resilience and aspiration. From the confines of a small village, he has ascended to the pinnacle of leadership, steering a healthcare empire. His commitment to ensuring that every individual in Odisha has access to top-notch healthcare reflects entrepreneurial acumen and an innate sense of civic duty that defines Vicky Biswas as a beacon of inspiration.



Could you describe your path and the turning point that made you a successful pharmaceutical sales and representative?


In 1999, when I was just a young boy, the winds of change swept through the streets of Dhenkanal in the form of a cyclone. Little did I know that this natural disaster would become the catalyst for a transformative journey? In the aftermath, my father’s business came to a standstill, leaving our family in a state of financial uncertainty. Suddenly, the canvas of possibilities for my future seemed to shrink, and the pressing need for stability in our home became more pronounced with each passing day. It was during this challenging period that the seeds of ambition were sown within me. The adversity became a turning point, transforming me from a curious child into a determined individual with an insatiable hunger for success.


Reflecting on those times, I can now recognize that my early experiences molded me into the ambitious person I am today. The need for financial stability ignited a drive within me, propelling me forward in my industry. While some might label it as greed, I see it as a relentless pursuit of opportunities—a mindset forged during the storms of uncertainty that shaped my formative years on the streets of Dhenkanal.


To add, I want to say that I want to acknowledge and educate young men in small, remote towns like mine.  Now- a- day  young men believe that the only thing which will give them success is an MBA degree, a certified course or a job in a branded company .However, I will recommend that evolving your perspective will help you grow and achieve more.To succeed, one must be patient and enjoy the process step by step. Today’s generation is like the Maggie’s in wanting success overnight. However, to achieve focus, one must be patient and enjoy the process step by step. Focus on whatever you enjoy doing because this world offers new opportunities to young brains.



What made you foray into the Pharmaceutical field?


From my earliest years, I always displayed a salesman’s demeanor, as I could comfortably approach people and close deals. My father was the one who first inspired me with this trait, taking me to meetings and marketing events where he spoke about how a salesman would never go hungry. From the start, I have been in the product sales business. Throughout my journey, I have discovered that the pharmaceutical industry is highly reputable, offering opportunities for serving patients, interacting with physicians, hospitals, and other professionals, and a wealth of knowledge. All in all, this was a complete package.


For approximately a decade, during my tenure as a pharmaceutical sales representative, I have sold life-saving products. The most exquisite experience is delivering life-saving medication to patients and witnessing their smiles and happiness; this is an incredibly pleasing and fulfilling feeling. I’m trying to share information with people about this lovely industry because I know that many of them are unaware of it.


How did you get the notion of starting your Pharma business?

Since no production facility exists in Odisha, I have long wished for the state to develop a pharmaceutical manufacturing business. Thus, I aim to establish a production plant and unit in Odisha. However, the most important thing is that people’s access to health care should be affordable.


What state was the pharmaceutical sector in during COVID-19, and how did you aid those in need?

To be quite honest, during this period, just one business was expanding: the pharmaceutical sector. Covid 19 did not disrupt the pharmaceutical industry. Since our  Company, is a startup heavily dependent on outdoor patients, the COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtedly difficult for us. We had many challenges. What I did to revive my startup was that, as a team, we chose to digitize. We created a social media platform to engage with people, and with digitalization, we linked physicians with patients in need. Additionally, medical professionals frequently visit our channel to inform and educate viewers about prevention , diagnosis ,management and treatment of diseases and accessibility of healthcare facilities during that tough time.


Many prefer home remedies than relying on medications to cure health issues due to chemical in the later. What do you think, sir?

There is no such thing as home cures; rather, it is a way of life that we lead. Eating a healthy, balanced diet keeps you in excellent health. You know, sometimes using home cures alone isn’t enough to solve the problem; you need to take medication. You should be aware that there is no risk in taking medication prescribed by the doctor. I will advise people to see a doctor if they are having trouble instead of relying on WhatsApp University remedies.Things were different back when our dads and grandfathers were growing up. They had a healthy diet and were eating well-organic vegetables. Nowadays, all our food has chemicals added to it, so you can’t trust anything organic. Every meal you eat has chemicals added to it. If necessary, we may go take multivitamin pills.


Is there a particular field within medicine and healthcare that you feel your organization has significantly contributed to?

 Aiveer is equipped in offering high quality nutraceutical products which fulfills the daily nutritional requirement of an individual. Our primary concentration is on the orthopedic and physiotherapy sectors, as we advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Every product we offer supports a healthy lifestyle. Someone who is not a patient can use a couple of our company’s health supplements to restore his lifestyle towards good health and wellness .

We have a 3 step goal as we believe that if one concentrates on small manageable steps then one can cross unimaginable distances. Our first step is to take Aiveer to every nook and corner of Odisha’s remote areas & strive to restore the lifestyle of the people with high quality products & accessible healthcare facilities. The second step is to broadcast Aiveer’s presence in PAN India with the same motto and the zeal. As we say Sky is the limit, Aiveer’s third step is to spread its wing around the world with innovative, high quality and accessible products. But as we aspire to achieve these 3 steps, Aiveer’s foremost responsibility is to empower each of its employees & create a culture of positivity and openness. Aiveer believes in the concept of family and hence we love to say Aiveer Family. I am fully confident that my family’s dedication and resilience will help Aiveer to achieve these 3 step goals.


Have you contributed to any philanthropicendeavors about medicine or health care? If yes, what kind of impact did it make?

As a team, the company always strives to raise awareness on various diseases. Over the previous four years, we have conducted three to four thousand awareness programs in various regions, including West Bengal, Jharkhand, and some areas of Chattisgarh and Odisha. Aside from that, we support environmental preservation and awareness campaigns. We have planted over 10,000 trees. We educate people—especially the younger generation—about the facts and deception surrounding medical science through our social media platforms.


What are the long-term goals for your company?

There are three steps: first, we aim to grow our business completely in Odisha by moving from a remote to a developed location; second, we now operate in four states; and third, we want to open branches throughout India over the next five years. With continued effort and a positive outlook, our company will continue to expand as our team puts in a lot of work.


How would you advise someone just starting in this field?

The pharmaceutical industry is not just a small pond or a river; it’s a vast ocean of opportunities that demands a certain level of patience and resilience before one can navigate its depths and find success. In this expansive sea of possibilities, Odisha stands out as a substantial and swiftly expanding market.


In the past, when I worked across different regions in India, people would often inquire about the whereabouts of Odisha and Bhubaneswar, as if these places were unfamiliar territory. However, thanks to the commendable leadership of our honorable Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik, and the ongoing growth of the state, Odisha has now become widely recognized as one of the largest and most promising markets. The younger generation must possess patience & dedication to become successful .


To thrive in this dynamic industry, especially for the younger generation, patience is not just a virtue; it’s a necessity. The ability to endure challenges and setbacks is crucial for evolving and ultimately succeeding in the vast ocean of opportunities that the pharmaceutical sector presents.

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