Disposable Cups – A harmful piece that we often ignore.


Plastic Cups Garbage Disposable - Free photo on Pixabay

Disposable Cups have a very thin plastic lining which almost makes it difficult to recycle. A recent study has also proved the fact that while you are drinking hot beverage in the cup, trillions of microplastic particles are released in your drink.

A takeaway coffee mug with a protective | Free Photo - rawpixel

The researchers of National Institute of Standards and Technology, US reported that the plastic in these materials produced each litre of liquid you drink in it. It sounds quite unusual but the consumption of the beverages in these cups are so much that prolonged usage of these cups can be fatal. After several analysis researchers have found that the size of nano particles was between 30 nanometres and 80 nanometres and few above 200 nanometres.

By Anisha Ganguly

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