“Don’t Seek Jobs, Be A Job Creator”, JP Jagdev, MD, Parameter Softwares


Interview Times had a great conversation with the CEO of one of the earliest IT company’s of Odisha, Mr. JP Jagdev. Mr Jagdev briefed about the establishment of his IT firm in Odisha. Moreover, he also conversed about his new venture ReciteWorld and its importance in the revival of the literature and culture of India. This is how the Interview went-

Can you brief us about yourself to our readers?

We are one of the early entrepreneurs of this state who saw growth potential in IT services. Low capital and high intellectual investment requirement added to its alure. Few of our friends came together to start a company Parameter Softwares to serve the government.

When did you decide to start Parameter Softwares?

The idea for establishing Parameter Softwares came in 1991 with the primary objective of serving the government departments who were sitting on a massive stockpile of arrear tasks. But we kept evolving with the changing time and context.

What was the idea behind the launching of ReciteWorld?

Deteriorating language competence of the new generation and mainstreaming of the subaltern native language by the media was a growing concern. The idea to do something about it came only after personally experiencing a book reading session by a friend over a telephone call. That experience led me to the realization of the potential of audiobooks as a tool to attract readers to our literary heritage who are constrained by the new age lifestyle to go through books at leisure.

How will ReciteWorld help enrich Odia language and Literature in this modern era?

ReciteWorld is not specific to Odia, it’s a platform for every native language. If generically seen it’s a virtual library of contents that offers fast access, rich 360-degree experience.

One can listen to the stories, read the texts, learn about the author and his other works, thus increasing their vocabulary and knowledge of our own language. Exposure to such content will naturally help the new generation write and speak our own language well.We chose to strategize the power and potential of IT to provide this connect to many and thereby responding to the problem of degeneration of our rich language.

Who has been your greatest inspiration in life?

My father because of his intuitive mind, unwavering principled stand on the face of tempting offers, and his insistence on leading a small and commoner’s life.

What have been your most significant achievements as CEO of Parameter Softwares?

It’s premature to mention that, but if I had to answer, I think it will be for going under the wheels of Covid but rising invigorated to launch newer products and services.

What are the future plans for your organization?

For now, one of the future goals is to shift our focus from service company to products meant for the environment-conscious new world economic order.

Any piece of advice to young budding entrepreneurs?

Don’t seek jobs, be a job creator. Be intuitive. Take calculated risks, learn from every mistake and make changes at every step, create value for the customers, and don’t chase valuation mirage.

Image Source- JP Jagdev

Interview By- Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times

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