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Dr Arun Kumar Praharaj Turns Messiah For Odia Family

Dr Arun Kumar Praharaj Turns Messiah For Odia Family
Dr Arun Kumar Praharaj Turns Messiah For Odia Family

The young and energetic 26 years old Debasish Sahoo residing from Chandbali, Kismat, Bijaynagar, Bhadrak, Odisha who came to the land of golden smile Bahrain during 2016 never thought that he would never return to his motherland. He came to the city of Bahrain to earn his daily bread and to repay the loan accumulated for the treatment of his late beloved mother who died due to cancer. However, Dr Arun Kumar Praharaj turned out messiah for late Debasish and his old father once again.

Late Debasish Sahoo
Late Debasish Sahoo

The tragic death of 3 Indian migrant workers including an Odia migrant worker, a few days back was none other than late Shri Debasis Sahoo in Bani Jamra, Bahrain on 16th November 2020. He died in a manhole while carrying out maintenance job on behalf of the Employer -M/S CROWN ELECTROMECHANICAL SERVICES WLL.

While a high-level probe has been ordered by the Crown Prince and new Prime Minister of Bahrain, the reason of death was certain from the death certificate issued by the Ministry of Health, the Kingdom of Bahrain dated 16/11/2020. The certificate stated Cardiopulmonary Arrest due to Methane Gas Suffocation was the prime reason for Debasish’s passing away. The matter was seriously taken up with the alleged company, Indian Embassy in Bahrain. However, it was the efforts of Dr Arun Kumar Praharaj, the Founder of Bahrain Odia Samaj which made the easy flow of Debasish’s mortal remains to his homeland. He is also a respected resident of Bahrain and social worker residing in Bahrain for more than two decades. Moreover, it was due to his exertions that his old father was able to get the right compensation.

Dr Arun Kumar Praharaj Turns Messiah For Odia Family
Dr Arun Kumar Praharaj Turns Messiah For Odia Family

As per the prima facie investigation, news reports that Gas Detectors were not used at the site, and the employees were not provided adequate safety measures such as oxygen mask with cylinder before carrying out the job. Therefore, it is a matter of gross negligence on the part of the employer which led to the death of the innocent workers.

Dr Arun Kumar Praharaj Turns Messiah For Odia Family Yet Again
Dr Arun Kumar Praharaj Turns Messiah For Odia Family Yet Again

Considering the pathetic financial condition of the deceased’s father Shri Basanta Sahoo as late Debasis Sahoo was the only support for him for the rest of the life, Dr Praharaj had raised this issue vehemently with the authorities and requested The Indian Embassy in Bahrain, Honourable Union Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, CMO and to Dr Sasmit Patra Rajya Sabha MP & Mr Arup Pattanaik Convenor of Odisha Mo Pariwar for kind intervention for the delivery of speedy justice to the victim and victims family and demanded;


  1. To send the Mortal remains of late Shri Debasis Sahoo to Biju Patnaik International Airport Bhubaneswar to complete his last rites as per Hindu religion at the earliest in Odisha.
  2. Arrange payment of all contractual dues immediately
  3. legitimate compensations for the loss of life from the company
  4. Employee Insurance claim amount
  5. To send the belongings of his staff accommodation
Death Certificate of Late Debasish Sahoo
Death Certificate of Late Debasish Sahoo

Dr Praharaj actively coordinated with the cousin brother Shri Golak Behera of the deceased and arranged all necessary documents to file the claim and arrange to send the mortal remains of late Debasis Sahoo to Odisha. Also, the remittance of all proceeds of the terminal benefits and claims to his legal heir, Father’s Bank account in Odisha was conducted in a smooth manner.

Flight Detail carrying the mortuary remains of Debasish Sahoo
Flight Detail carrying the mortuary remains of Debasish Sahoo

After long drawn follow-ups, correspondence and negotiation with the various authorities and the company finally the Mortal remains of Late Debasis Sahoo has been dispatched to Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar By Air India Flight N0. 1942 Bahrain to Bombay on 26th November 2020.

Moreover, the flight was connected to domestic Air India Flight No. AI669 From Bombay to Bahrain on 27th November 2020 which will land at Bhubaneswar Airport at 2.25 pm.

The Salary of Late Debasis was only BD 100 ( Rs. 19,000/-) for such hazardous work which cost a life. Due to the insistence of Dr Praharaj, the company has agreed to remit the settlement and terminal benefits BD 1496/- (Rs.2.84 Lakhs only) on 26th November 2020 itself. Insurance Claim from General Organisation of Social Insurance (GOSI), Government of Bahrain is being actively followed up and would be settled Soon as communicated by the company HR Manager.


Dr Arun Kumar Praharaj has thanked all concerned authorities including Union Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, the Indian Ambassador Shri Piyush Srivastava Ji and Dr Sasmit Patra Rajya Sabha MP and Shri Arup Patnaik of Odisha Mo Parivar for their cooperation and support in this matter. He also extended his gratitude to Shri Subash Sahoo, executive member of Bahrain Odia Samaj for his immense support.

He also said that the Government of India has to empower their respective embassies with more powers to deal with such situations directly and to protect the rights of Indian migrant workers as many migrants have been repatriated to India without settlement of their legitimate dues by many unscrupulous companies. This issue has been raised with Honorable External Affairs Minister Dr. Jaishankar during his visit to Bahrain on 25th November 2020 during his community interaction meeting said Dr, Praharaj.

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Story By- Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times

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