Facial Recognition Technology introduced in Indian Airports

This can end the usage of boarding pass

by Subhechcha Ganguly

India plans to employ the Digi Yatra app, which is based on facial recognition technology, at its airports to provide passengers with a seamless, quick, and efficient travel experience. By March 2023, four additional cities—Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Vijayawada—will be added to the currently launched four—Bengaluru, Delhi, and Varanasi. It is currently solely accessible to domestic travellers.

Travelers can use the app to pass through different airport checkpoints (entry point, check-in, and boarding) using paperless processing and facial recognition to establish their identity, which may be connected to the boarding pass. The Civil Aviation Ministry in India anticipates similar results to those achieved in airports like Atlanta, where this technology has cut the average boarding time for each aircraft to just 9 minutes.

By installing the app and signing up with their Aadhar ID, travellers can use it. Privileged Information is not kept in a centralised location (PII). The traveler’s identification and credentials are kept in a safe wallet on their smartphone.

Civil Aviation Minister Scindia commented on privacy and data theft concerns that have been raised amid worries in some quarters: “At first, we thought of a centralised system that would house all the data, but then issues of privacy and data theft, quite legitimately, came up. Therefore, we switched to a decentralised system that would store passenger information on each and every passenger’s mobile phone.Since we switched to a decentralised system, only your (passenger’s) mobile phone will have your data, which will be in an encrypted format. That data will be required to be deleted from the airport’s servers 24 hours following your flight. Even though it is secured by blockchain technology, the data you upload is fully erased in 24 hours, the minister stated.

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