Few Natives of Dhenkanal hands over Memorandum to recognise the city as peace city


A Memorandum mentioning to recognise Dhenkanal town as peace city has been handed over to District Magistrate and Collector Saroj Kumar Sethi by some natives of the town here at the Collectorate office of Dhenkanal. The city of Dhenkanal, which is also the district headquarter of Dhenkanal district is full of lush greenery and hills, visitors comes here from every corner of the state to witness it’s beauty and find peace here. The people living here are also very simple and kind, that’s why they have always tried to preserve the values of the culture and traditions which was since the ancient times, with the spirit of brotherhood many festivals, including the famous laxmipuja of Dhenkanal are celebrated together with love and affection. WhatsApp Image 2021-09-25 at 2.30.07 PMLiving with peacefully with each other is believed to be a traditional practice for the inhabitants of this city. From all the above reasons Dhenkanal city can be considered to be a city of peace. The memorandum was handed over by Biswanath Behera, president of Joint Bazaar Puja Committee, Rotarian Raj Kishore Behera, sportsman Soumyabrata Sahoo and others while many natives of the city praised the effort.

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